1. Imagine for alyssa

You have been a friend of Harry's and it is going to be the first time meeting the rest of the boys. You are really nervous as you don't know what they are going to be like, so you take your friend Ellis along. Ellis forces you to pluck up the courage and knock.

You hear muffled voices through the door.

Harry: I just don't know what to to, I mean she is just so perfect, her eyes are just so brown... Guys i could drown in them.

Niall:ooh, Harry, I'd love to meet her? When is she coming again? No lovey dovey stuff, i  don't want this to affect my lunch!

Liam: Harry, are you sure this time? I don't want you to get hurt again...

Harry: I'm sure,I'm sure. Her hair is just so silky soft, the bad bit is Ive loved her ever since i met  her. I know she is the girl for me but i don't think that she thinks of me that way...

Ellis rams open the door. You all stand there, jaws dropped and staring at her.

Ellis: First of all, I think its cute you like her. Secondly she likes you and finally what ARE you laughing at you weird child? You, the blonde one laughing in the corner?!

Zayn: I'm Zayn and that is Niall, he doesn't stop laughing unless he is eating, so hi!

Liam shoves an eclair in Niall's mouth. You walk in, drop your coat, Niall starts to ramble but harry butts in.

Harry: Alyssa, did you hear that? All of it? I'm so sorry...

You: yes, I think it is sweet but-

Harry: But you do not think of me that way, I under-

You kiss him softly before he can finish, you have been waiting for this moment your whole life.

You: Harry, I have loved you ever since I can remember, I love the way you smile, I love your laugh and I can't stand to live without you. I...I...I love you Harry Styles!

Niall: Well this is cute but I'm Hungary, hey, Ellis babe, fancy making me some lunch?!

He said with a wink, Ellis shook her head disapprovingly and turned to you.

Ellis: Alyssa, I know you love him, I know he loves you but jeez guys. How old are you? Seventy? Live a little! I would of thought you would have both got together by now!

You turn to Harry, he looks straight into your eyes and runs his hands through your hair.

You: I want to make a go of it, do you?

This leaves the whole apartment in suspense until Harry bursts out with:

Harry: From the heart of my bottom, or is it the bottom of my heat? Anyway, i love you so much!

 He says while laughing sweetly.

Ellis comes and congratulates you with a hug.

Harry&Niall&Louis&Zayn&Liam: GROUP HUG!
You both get smothered but enjoy is while it lasts, short and sweet just like you...


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