Hush now, darling.


1. Born secret

Hush now, darling. The world is at peace... I can hold you for now, without disturbance. Please don't cry! They don't know we are here, hush now darling. You're so still, and your skin so pale, your eyes are withdrawn, your skin so fine. Why so quiet darling? Why so still? Do you know that you're my little secret? No one knows you're here, just me and you, together. But why are you so quiet? Why don't you show me your smile? Just me and you in the cold- I won't tell anybody. Just like I won't tell about your father...

No darling he does love me! He said he'd be back for me, he'll be so happy to see us! So so happy! He said he had work to do, things to sort out. He is a man of royalty after all! So proud, so proud he picked me! I'm only a servant I'm court, and he picked me! He treated me like a princess, held me close. We hid together. But the shame if they knew! Shhhhh they can't know! You came so early, no one expected you, but I have you now. You're all mine. No one can take you from me.

Baby, why are you so quiet? Why are you so still and lifeless, you can cry if you want too. What do you need darling? Warmth? Milk? Why won't you look at me? Baby why are you cold? Why aren't you breathing? Baby wake up, wake up. You're all I have, I need you now... Hush darling you'll be okay, I'll look after you. I'll hide you away, my little blue baby! They said I was crazy, baby, I just have hope. You know that? Don't you?

Baby why are you so small and frail? Why aren't your arms big and strong? You won't be able to hide with me looking like that. Baby, I'm shaking you and you aren't responding, wake up! I heard something crack, was it your neck? Hush darling, it'll be ok... You have me, what else could you need?

Hush now baby, I hear someone coming, tip tap, tip tap. What curious footsteps baby.
Hush now darling, sleep now.
Hush now darling, my unborn child,
Hush, my secret.
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