Moving On

3 years ago

It has been four months since Ellie's mom got married for the second time, but it was to the worst man in the world, David. Ellie knew David wasn't the one for her mom. David came on loving and caring but when he got used to the 'family' he became Ellie's worst nightmare. Her actual dad was nice to her but Ellie's mom and him were never on the same and it tore them apart. Ellie's mom never noticed David's change because he was always nice to her. When he thought Ellie wasn't obeying him he would beat her. David said if Ellie told her mom he would kill her, and her mom.

The day of the wedding was the worst, knowing Ellie could never make him go away, and knowing that her mom will never know what he does. Ellie tells her mom that he isn't who he comes off as, but she says that we need to open up to him so we can become closer. Her mom still finds him charming, that hes only recovering from the life change. it will never be the same, her life will never be the same.


4. Sorry (A/N)

OMG guys!!! im so sorry i havent written anything in SOOO LONGGG! but my ipod broke.... that has my story on it and its still not fixed....:( as soon as its fixed i will be back to writing!!! i promise!!! 



Bye My Lovelies!! 

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