Moving On

3 years ago

It has been four months since Ellie's mom got married for the second time, but it was to the worst man in the world, David. Ellie knew David wasn't the one for her mom. David came on loving and caring but when he got used to the 'family' he became Ellie's worst nightmare. Her actual dad was nice to her but Ellie's mom and him were never on the same and it tore them apart. Ellie's mom never noticed David's change because he was always nice to her. When he thought Ellie wasn't obeying him he would beat her. David said if Ellie told her mom he would kill her, and her mom.

The day of the wedding was the worst, knowing Ellie could never make him go away, and knowing that her mom will never know what he does. Ellie tells her mom that he isn't who he comes off as, but she says that we need to open up to him so we can become closer. Her mom still finds him charming, that hes only recovering from the life change. it will never be the same, her life will never be the same.


2. shes being played

The next day at the mall the girls walked into many different stores, they were shopping for what seemed like forever. they got hungry after a while and went to the food court for lunch, they both got pizza and sat down to eat. there weren't many people in there, but after they were done the mall got packed with people and Ellie became uncomfortable. Ellie was looking around at all the people and they were staring at her. She got scared David was there, she thought he was coming for her. Ellie pulled Jess out of the mall and ran to her car. 

"Ellie whats going on?", Jess said when they got into the car.

"It felt like he was there, it seems like hes coming for me!", Ellie replied with a shaky voice.

"Are you sure?", Jess asked.

"Yes!",Ellie screamed and  Jess drove them home. they got out of the car and got there stuff when they were home. 

"and your sure that 'David' was there?", Jess asked when they were putting the clothes away.

"Yea Jess! im sure!", Ellie told her," Why dont you believe me?"

Jess sighed,"I do believe you, it just...doesnt seem right", Jess explained to her," i mean its been almost four days...he would have already come for you." Ellie just looked down at the floor,

"Can i use your phone?",Ellie asked.

"yea of-course", jess told her. Ellie ran downstairs to grab the phone. she sat at the table and dialed her house number, she had to talk to her mom. what does her mom is she feeling?

"Hello?", her mothers sweet innocent voice said.

"Dont say anything about me to David, Please! Dont say my name out loud mom!" Ellie said. a small tear rolled down her face, she was so happy to see hear her moms voice again.

there was a moment of silence as her mother figured out who it was,

"My Baby! I've missed you so much!", her mom whispered.

"is David in the house?"

"yes but hes in our bedroom and has the door closed"

"Great!", Ellie said wiping tears away.

"Baby where are you? Why did you leave?", her mom questioned.

" at Jess's but dont tell David!"

"Why? We both want you back! Hes so upset and he doesnt talk much", Ellie was confused by what her mom said.

"Really? Because thats no the David I know!", Ellie was mad at how David was acting.

"Ellie what are you talking about?", now her mom was confused.

"Meet me at Jess's house tomorrow", Ellie said quickly,"and dont tell David or bring him! Please",she finished.

"why should i not bring David?"

"just dont!"

"ok then...see you tomorrow"

"bye", and Ellie hung up the phone. she started crying, but not tears of joy this time. Ellie was crying because David was playing her mom just like hes always done, but now it was just to get Ellie back. she need to tell her mom everything even if David was going to kill her. she needed her mom to know.

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