Moving On

3 years ago

It has been four months since Ellie's mom got married for the second time, but it was to the worst man in the world, David. Ellie knew David wasn't the one for her mom. David came on loving and caring but when he got used to the 'family' he became Ellie's worst nightmare. Her actual dad was nice to her but Ellie's mom and him were never on the same and it tore them apart. Ellie's mom never noticed David's change because he was always nice to her. When he thought Ellie wasn't obeying him he would beat her. David said if Ellie told her mom he would kill her, and her mom.

The day of the wedding was the worst, knowing Ellie could never make him go away, and knowing that her mom will never know what he does. Ellie tells her mom that he isn't who he comes off as, but she says that we need to open up to him so we can become closer. Her mom still finds him charming, that hes only recovering from the life change. it will never be the same, her life will never be the same.


3. I will protect you

the next day Ellie waited contently for her mom to show up.

"Calm down El", Jess said placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I know... but i cant get the thought of someone else showing up with her.", Ellie told her. just then the door bell rang and Ellie quickly went to the door, when she opened it her mom wasnt there, Niall was the only one.

"Hello Ellie!", Ellie frowned and let him come in and then went back to waiting. Niall leaned over to Jess

"whats with her?"

"shes waiting for her mom to come", Jess said walking into the living room. Niall stood next to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Are you going to tell her everything?"

Ellie exhaled slowly," i have to, hes playing he so he can get me back, i have to tell her."

"I wont let you go back!,Niall smiled at her. again the door bell rang and Ellie slowly opened the door, Her face instantly brightened up when she saw her mom. she let her mom come in and they sat at the table.

"Ellie, I've missed you so much!", her mom began.

"Mom, i cant go back"


"Because of David, Mom!"

"But honey we love you! And we miss you very much"

"No mom!" I know David doesn't like me!"

"Why would he not?", her mom was a bit confused now.

"mom, you dont know what he has done to me!", Ellie rose her voice a little, small tears were about to fall.

"Ellie Faith! David has never done anything to you!", Her Yelled at her.Ellie sprung up from her chair and lifted her shirt so her waist was visible. She reveled all the bruises on her waist and back,

"See mom! this is what he does to me! he beats me when he wants to or when he thinks i need it, when your not home he beats me constantly!", Tears now rapidly spilling out of Ellie's eyes. her mom didnt know what to say, she slowly got up and softly hugged Ellie.

"Mom do you Believe me?", Ellie said into her Moms chest.

"Yes, El i Believe you", her mom pulled away from the hug and looked Ellie in the eyes," why didnt you tell me this was happening?", she questioned.

"David Said if i ever told you he would kill both of us."

" Oh baby dont worry i wont let him hurt you", and her mom left. when her mom closed the door and fell to her knees. she started sobbed in fear of David killing her. Niall and Jess quickly ran to her side,

"El I will never let him hurt you! Even if i have to be by your side till the end of time, I will protect you!", Niall told her


Hey! I wont do this a lot but i hope you like this, i try to upload as much as i can but ive been so busy. i would really appreciate it if you could like this movella. maybe 10 likes and i will write another chapter as soon as possible! thanks xx 

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