Moving On

3 years ago

It has been four months since Ellie's mom got married for the second time, but it was to the worst man in the world, David. Ellie knew David wasn't the one for her mom. David came on loving and caring but when he got used to the 'family' he became Ellie's worst nightmare. Her actual dad was nice to her but Ellie's mom and him were never on the same and it tore them apart. Ellie's mom never noticed David's change because he was always nice to her. When he thought Ellie wasn't obeying him he would beat her. David said if Ellie told her mom he would kill her, and her mom.

The day of the wedding was the worst, knowing Ellie could never make him go away, and knowing that her mom will never know what he does. Ellie tells her mom that he isn't who he comes off as, but she says that we need to open up to him so we can become closer. Her mom still finds him charming, that hes only recovering from the life change. it will never be the same, her life will never be the same.


1. running away

"Ellie what did you say to me?", David spoke with a harsh tone.

"I didnt say anything concerning you!", Ellie sassed. David's eyes grew dark, he was furious now. No one ever talked to David like that, he would kill Ellie if he got the chance.

"you will never talk back to me again!" he said through gritted teeth, "now leave before i get mad"

"Wow i thought you were already mad!", Ellie said walking away, as she reached the door she felt pain in her back. she screamed in pain as David hit her over and over.tears streamed down her face every time she was hit. When David stopped he grabbed Ellies head and got real close to her face,

"are you going to talk back to me anymore?" he asked quietly.

Ellie just whimpered,

"Answer Me!!" David yelled. Ellie winced  and shook her head,

"No..." was all she managed to get out. David walked off leaving Ellie on the floor in pain. after he was gone Ellie slowly and painfully got up and walked out of the house.

She went down the long road until she came to the main road, she walked down until she came to her friend Jess's house. she slowly walked up to the door and knocked.

"Hey El!", someone said. she turned around to see Niall on his porch across the road, Niall was one of Ellie's best friends besides Jess. 

Ellie turned back around when the door opened and she was greeted by Jess, Ellie walked inside and hugged Jess sobbing and crying. Ellie couldn't help but cry,

"it was David wasn't it?" Jess asked concerned. Ellie just nodded, the doorbell rang seconds after. Ellie gasped and started to shake with fear. 

"Its ok!" Jess told her and made her wait while she got the door. soon a blonde headed, blue eyed boy walked in the door, Niall. He say Ellie and was filled with worry, he walked over to her and hugged her tight.

"What happened El?", Niall asked softly. Ellie breathed in deeply,

"well David  thought i was talking back to him and he began beating me, and he was so harsh. I was so scared, i didnt know what to do, but i had to leave.", she explained.

" im so sorry El...", Niall said.

"you can stay here if you want..", Jess offered," I'll let you borrow some of my clothed and we can be your 'Family'."

"are you going to go back to get your stuff?", niall asked.

"no!", Ellie  said shaking her head," I dont think i will be able to go back there"

"well we will be here for you whenever you need us", Jess told her.

The next day when Ellie woke up she got ready for school, she couldnt just not go. Her and Jess met up with niall at the bus stop,

"Hey how are you doing El?",Niall asked.

"uhh..ok", she said a bit unsure. Niall embraced her i a tight hug and Ellie felt safe in his arms.

When the bus came they all boarded, Niall went to sit with his friends and Ellie and Jess sat together. The bus ride seemed longer than usual to Ellie but it must have been from what has been happening. when they got to school they were greeted by some other friends and carried on with their day. After school Niall came over to Jess and they played games and talked about what their perfect life would be. Jess's would be having a wonderful family and a great house, Niall would love to live in a Nando's restaurant, and Ellie would love to live in a world were everyone loved her. she wants to have people love her and keep her safe.

After all that they fell asleep downstairs, Ellie on the couch, Jess on the floor in front of the couch, and Niall closer to the TV. in the morning Jess's Mom woke them up and Niall went home to get ready for school, and Ellie and Jess got ready as well. they all met back up at the bus stop and again went to school. Afterwords when Jess and Ellie were home Ellie asked Jess if they could go to the Mall tomorrow,

"Yes because you need some clothes!!", Jess told her. Ellie was a bit worried that David might be after her but, she didnt worry to much for now.

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