Desperate measures

When desprate mesures come the only option is to take what you have, never ignore the fact that it is death that will bite back when the time comes,
ghosts, vampires, lost soals, or zombies whatever your fear it will come to life in dreams of no return,


4. Zero and the assosiation

"What do you want with me"

"Why is it that its the little guy you pick on"

"I swear the attack wasnt my fault"

Why they keep on doing this to me I dont know
Do they hate me or something
" what did I do tell me"
"why not"
people have no idea how painful this is
"I have asked so many times, why do you keep on doing this to me"
people are afraid, afraid of what, I dont know anymore
Many people hate a halfling like me
I am half human but half zombie
"OK ok I may have sliped on my hunger"
Oh great, I am soo dead with the master
Why did I have to be so different
I hate this life
Will never know if I will be a good zombie or a bad one untill I am sixteen!
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