Desperate measures

When desprate mesures come the only option is to take what you have, never ignore the fact that it is death that will bite back when the time comes,
ghosts, vampires, lost soals, or zombies whatever your fear it will come to life in dreams of no return,


1. Prologue

what is love? Its true I act as though I am inportant, but in real life im not, just a teenager who has nothing to do with life. What would you do if you where to be found in a gutter or wake up from death. Well I have experenced this first hand. When I was thirteen someone came into my life, a guy who promised he would protect me, all I thought of it as nothing.

I wish I had taken more care now because I am constanly fighting with people I thought where my friends or allys as you call them. They where different but I dident know what was different, I wish that I never trusted the man who lead me to do lots of bad things, example murder: I did this to a close friend because he was diffrent he was supernatural.

This story is true!

This is where everyones nightmare starts!

It started for me here!

Why wont you join me!

I bet that people are scared of something right, because im not scared anymore, I have had all my feelings wiped.

I can not feel a thing!

emotion, none!

I cant cry, I cant be happy, I cant be sad!

But the one thing that strikes you in this process is being unable to love!

No one can imagine a world with out love, can you!

My world is compleatly covered by a dull grey, nothing else!

Whats your choice, will you follow me in to the dark depths of the abyss, where no light you try to conjer will not come.




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