Desperate measures

When desprate mesures come the only option is to take what you have, never ignore the fact that it is death that will bite back when the time comes,
ghosts, vampires, lost soals, or zombies whatever your fear it will come to life in dreams of no return,


2. My name is Alice

Good everning, so you decided to follow me then, well your in for an adventure!

Are you sure that this is what you want to do!

Because what I am about to show you is a horrer movie but in your head!

People may abuse the use of supernatural nature!

The fact that many of the supernatrual weaknesses are not true!

I hate the people who left me to die!

They tryed to lead me to my death!

What would you use if you just had the air and water!

Which would you take!

If the supernatural creatures where coming for you!

Fight or flight!

My choice was to fight!


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