Desperate measures

When desprate mesures come the only option is to take what you have, never ignore the fact that it is death that will bite back when the time comes,
ghosts, vampires, lost soals, or zombies whatever your fear it will come to life in dreams of no return,


3. Angel friends

My lord, is probably the worst person in the world

"Alice wont you come with me on a hunt, you know what you need, he says"

And here I am out in the cold and wet, Hunting

He asked me if I wanted to live or die

He back then was a well known and trusted docter

"I want to live sir" 

I have tryed so hard to get out of the life I have now, I hate it

I am a supernatural being, I am a vampire

untill the day I met Alice, I was nothing

" Who are you, are you new here"

I asked this when Alice first came

I knew back then that she was a supernatural hunter, she on the other she hand did not

I asked her many questions

even questions about death

one day I asked her why she was in a funny mood

Alice said

"Im sorry, but we cant be friends anymore"

After that funny things started to happen.



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