Dancing Darcy

Darcy is Harry and Megans child. Harry and Megan met wen Harry was on x-factor and they made love.But Harry leaves her just wen she finds out she's prengnant.
And now she's raising a child on her own tha loves to dance.
And innocent Darcy has no idea who her Dad is.
And Harry who is living the dream has no idea he has a daughter.
Wat happens wen Megan bumps into Harry at Darcy's ballet preformance?
Megans world will go from normal to bloody crazy.


40. Hey! i'm sad :( and contest

I'm crying I wrote like the whole chapter and then my computer just shut down on me and I lost evreything i'm just so sad please I ahte my computer. Ahh! I'm screaming.

I am having another contest for a character. Comment down below:


~Hair colour

~Eye Colour

~describe yourself in one word

So yeah! Comment I really hate my computer and the chapter was pretty long :(

But for now read my fanfiction 'Little Tommo' might seem alot like Dancing Darcy at first but thrust me it doesn't.

Like,Comment,Favorite and fan me? Please thanks :)

Love you guys to mars and back <3

I will re-write wat I remeber and post it tomorrow right now it is super late and I need to go to bed! I neeed to catch up on my History homework. YIKES :/

Oh by the way it's Easter for me tomorrow I know that evreybody has a diffrent date for Easter depending were you live and wat Religion you are but mine is tomorrow :)


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