Dancing Darcy

Darcy is Harry and Megans child. Harry and Megan met wen Harry was on x-factor and they made love.But Harry leaves her just wen she finds out she's prengnant.
And now she's raising a child on her own tha loves to dance.
And innocent Darcy has no idea who her Dad is.
And Harry who is living the dream has no idea he has a daughter.
Wat happens wen Megan bumps into Harry at Darcy's ballet preformance?
Megans world will go from normal to bloody crazy.


45. Chapter 40

Megan's P.O.V

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Jessica, who are you?” she replied.

“Megan Harry’s fiancée” I replied.

“Oh sweet heart you were his fiancée before you got hit by a car” she said, I gasped.

“Harry would choose me anyday over you” I said getting closer to her.

“Oh,yeah  let’s ask Harry” she said.

“Harry” we both yelled

“Girls look I can’t choose between you too it’s hard but if I had to choose I would choose…” Harry paused “Jessica”

I froze my heart stopped was he jokeing? He really choosed her over me?

“Geuss who’s the fool now?” she asked. I shook my head tears started to stream down my face.

“After all happened between us you choose her?!?” I yelled.

I ran off, Harry running right after me, I stopped in an alley.

“Megan please listen” Harry said.

“Why would I listen to you?” I asked.

“Because I want to talk to you” Harry replied.

“Speak” I sat down on a old bn it wasn’t stable it would do.

“Look I only said Jessica because I want to let her down easy nd then we could be together and everything will be okay” Harrry said grabbing my hand. I smiled.

“Thanks I can’t wait till everything will be perfect” I said.

“I can’t wait either and wen we could start our family again and maybe try again” Harry smiled.

“About that..I kinda don’t wanna try again” I said.

Harry looked at me and shook his head “C’mon Megan”

“Look Harry I am afraid of loosing him or her again and I am not ready I need to get my life staraight hell I thought I was this Annebelle girl”

“Watever you say. Watever you say..” Harry sighed.

A/N:Hey Guys sorry I didn’t update sooner but yeah..here’s the update aND SORRY IT'S SO SHORT. Hope you guys like it keep the likes,comments and favorites coming :)

Love you guys to the moon and back <3

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