Dancing Darcy

Darcy is Harry and Megans child. Harry and Megan met wen Harry was on x-factor and they made love.But Harry leaves her just wen she finds out she's prengnant.
And now she's raising a child on her own tha loves to dance.
And innocent Darcy has no idea who her Dad is.
And Harry who is living the dream has no idea he has a daughter.
Wat happens wen Megan bumps into Harry at Darcy's ballet preformance?
Megans world will go from normal to bloody crazy.


26. Chapter 25

Megan’s P.O.V


I sat there and stared blankly at the wall El was going on and on about wedding planning.

“Megan are you there” Perrie asked ohh yeah got back with Perrie and she said sorry for everything  she did.

“Yeah” I said snapping out of my thoughts

“Well hello Megan” El said

“Hi” I said playing around with her joke.

Dani,El and Perrie started to laugh.

“You don’t look so good” Dani said I nodded I knew I was tired wedding planning wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

“I’m tired” I wined

“You can’t be today we are going to the doctor to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl’ El said super happy. I smiled “I really just wanna know if it’s healthy” I said

“Oke let’s get back to planning” Dani said“Oke now should the boys were blue or white bow-tie’s”

Does it matter? As long as there coming is fine the wedding was gonna be on a beach in Florida I always wanted to get married on a beach and Harry said why not? I loved him he gave me the world and I always wanted to go to Florida but wedding planning was tiring.

The boys were off doing some interview and then they will come pick us up to go to the doctor.

“Were home” I heard the voice of my fiancé yell.

“Babe” I yelled and walked over to Harry.

Darcy was in Harry’s arms I smiled he really is a great Dad.

“Go play with uncle Niall” Harry sid and Darcy ran off to play with Niall.

“I’m tired babe” I said Harry picked me up

“Harry no I’m too heavy” Harry ignored me and walked to the car.


We sat in the doctor office.

Harry’s P.O.V

We sat there and waited for the result.

“Oke” the doctor said looking at the picture.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” I asked

“No we just want to know if it’s healthy” Megan said I smiled I didn’t wanna start a fiht.

The doctor smiled and let out a giggled “No worries the babies are healthy”

“See Harry the babies are healthy” she said

“Wait wat did she say why did she say babies?” I asked Megan looked confushed too.

The doctor smiled “That’s right your having twins”

“Were Having wat?!?!” we both yelled.


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