Dancing Darcy

Darcy is Harry and Megans child. Harry and Megan met wen Harry was on x-factor and they made love.But Harry leaves her just wen she finds out she's prengnant.
And now she's raising a child on her own tha loves to dance.
And innocent Darcy has no idea who her Dad is.
And Harry who is living the dream has no idea he has a daughter.
Wat happens wen Megan bumps into Harry at Darcy's ballet preformance?
Megans world will go from normal to bloody crazy.


2. chapter 2 - Daddy?


''Harry'' I said firmly. The young lady stood behide him with a look of disgust on her face.

Maybe it's his girlfriend?

''Megan'' He said again not believing it was really me. He picked me up and spinned me around.

''Wat are you doing here?'' he asked.

Wat am I gonna say hey I have a daughter and she in the show ohh and by the way she's your child?

''Urm.. My sister'' I said I wanted to face palm myself my sister realy? I thought.

''Cool, well i'm here for Kelly'' He said pointhing to the girl.''Her sister is in the show aswell''

''Well gotta go  watch my sister'' I lied knowing the show starts in a few minutes.

I went ti sit down and Harry and Kelly sat behind me just perfect. They were handing papers out that had the name of the dancers on it can my day get more worse? I looked at the paper they gave me and my eyes landed on Darcy's name. I rolled my eyes at myself. Why did I name my daughter the name of her fathers favorite girls name? And why did she keep Harry's last name.

The show finally stared.


It was time for Darcy's solo I was nervous one thing I knew about Darcy was she could do it perfect at practice and mess up on the real thing.

Drcy walked on stage wen the music stared to play spinning around looking amzing and beautiful. But her next move surprised me. She spinned around and fell down she stared to cry. I ran  on stage and grabbed her at the moment it didn't care if Harry found out Nothing mattered just that she was safe and in my arms.

''Shhh Baby it's okay shhh'' I walked backstage and got an icepack and putted on her ankle.

She cried some more.

''Shhh Baby shhh'' I said kissing her cheek.

''Mommy it hurts'' she said between sobs.

''I know baby but it will get better soon'' I said.

She nodded in agreement.

''Is she okay?'' I heard that famaliar voice ask.

I turned around and saw Harry standing by the door.

''Yeah'' I said looking at little innocent Darcy.

''Megan I want the truth'' Harry said.

''Okay I said the truth about wat?'' I asked already knowing the answer.

''About Darcy Styles'' He said moving the paper that had the name of the dancers.

I rolled my eyes ''Okay Harry she's your child'' I finally gave in.

''I wanna yell at you so badly'' He said hugging me thight it felt good to be back in his arms were I belong.

''But i will not yell yet that is'' He said.

I looked up at him and gave him a confused look.

''I'm staying at your house for the night'' He said.

''Why?'' I asked.

''Because we have alot to talk about.

''Wat about your girlfriend'' I asked.

''She's not my girlfriend she's just Gemma's friend'' Harry said examing my evrey move and then Darcy's

I let out a giggle.

''You know Darcy looks more like me then you'' He said exming Darcy one's more.

''I know'' I said being a bit sad.

''Daddy?'' Darcy asked. Examing Harry.

''Yes pumpkin I'm your Daddy'' Harry said walking over to Darcy and hugging her carefully.

Harry be careful wat you say I knew why I kept the secret  from him because he's famous and he will be on tour and evrything and she will never  not have a normal dad. But for know I was happy that Harry wanted to help.

Harry walked back over to me and kissed me.

''I love you just know I never loved anyone more''  He said.

Before I could say a word I heard.

''Harry get your hands of that whore'' I heard Kelly yell.

I could not believe the words that came out of her mouth and in front of my daughter.




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