Parting Ways

A story about two people parting ways.
I don't want to divulge too much about the story or the characters themselves, as I want it to be open to interpretation and discussion in the comments section.
As always, I just want my works to be enjoyed.
This work is free from copyright, so feel free to quote or use it in any way you see fit, as long the original work is credited to me (SadKen) I don't mind.


1. Parting Ways

Storm clouds gather overhead
As I gaze out to sea,
You stare intently
As if the turning of the tide
Will absolve all our sins

The heavens open

With military precision,
Angry raindrops hit my face
A barrage of battering bombs
Fall around us
As I shield you from the storm.

The water rises.

Faster and faster around us,
Until I am up to my neck
And you are submerged.
But I am not ready to accept this baptism
My head above the waves.

The final defiance.

Now the angry clouds are whipped
Into a rage, the sea froths and boils,
And the harsh winds roar and beat
me into submission. Until I must
Concede defeat. And inhale red.

The last time.

When the sea boiled away, the wind's
Voice and the vengeful footsteps of the rain faded.
I saw you there.
As somewhere a clock struck twelve.
Your feet did not touch the ground.
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