Little Things.

"I had never been one good for much. Infact, I'm not sure I was good for anything. That's why the more people I trusted the more I would become broken. So, I decided to stop trusting people. For a very short time I didn't even know what the word meant. That's when I met him, when all my worries went away." - Amelia Rose.


1. Chapter One.-

Amelia's Point of View.


"Honey, take a seat," My mum and dad sat infront of their desk and motioned for me to sit down. I raised an eyebrow suspiciously but didn't protest. They both took a big sigh and I immediately came to the conclusion that I was in fact up for another lecture about my grade level.


"So," I trailed off awkwardly. If they wasn't going to start he conversation off, then I had to do it. I crossed my arms over my chest and licked my lips. I quietly tapped a small rythm on the floor with my converse. "Why am I in here?" I finished my sentance off by slowly straightening my posture.


"Well," My dad began, joining his hands together in a bisuness-like way. "Your mother and me," I eyed my mother and noticed she looked nervous. "Have come up with the conclusion that," He paused and looked at me with a expression of 'sorry' in his eyes.


"Hurry up," I rolled my eyes. They were just so dramatic at times.


"Well, we're sending you to a boarding school, dear." My mother finished. I gasped, how could they do this to me? I had never been rebellious against them before, it was time to make a start.


"What, why?!" I exclaimed, banging my hands on the desk for dramatic effect. I smirked slightely when they both jumped back. I tapped my foot impatiently, waiting for an answer.


"We're noticing that your grades are dropping ever so slightely an-" I interrupted them, nostrils flaring in anger. How could they send me away for something so stupid.


"Well, I can't help it if Mr Robinsons lessons are so boring and dull! Why can't you just book me a private tutor?" I raged, "Oh I know, you just want to get rid of me. Dad has always wanted a girl." By now tears were streaming down my face. They didn't want me. They were getting rid of me.


"Go pack, you're leaving at 5." My dad said flatly. I knew that this was his idea, mum was always forced to do whatever he says. I don't see how she can cope.


"Bye, I hope you're proud." I sniffled, running up the stairs with pounding steps and collapsing onto my bedroom floor. I attacked my covers and sheets, hoping to wake up and see the happy smile on my mum's face while she cooks breakfast.


"I'm not good for anything, no wonder they're getting rid of me." I mumbled to myself. "I can't trust anyone, they all end up not wanting me in the end anyway." I shook my head, if my parents didn't want me - who did? No one, exactly.


Maybe going to a boarding school will be better, a fresh new start. But I had never been good at making friends. I guess today would be a good time to learn then. I actually can't wait to get away from this hell hole and the people who live in it. I bet they can't wait to get rid of me either.


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