Just something I did for my english coursework! :)


1. Chapter one


It was a cold, black night. Deep grey clouds loomed in the night sky, showering the streets with hard, torrential rain. Other than the dull light of the street lamps, or the bright, threatening flash of lightning striking through the sky, darkness ruled the air, making it extremely difficult to see, and somehow it felt as though the darkness could wrap around you, close in on you, crush you.


A girl lay at the back of an alley in a crumpled heap, out of sight from anyone who could help her. Her legs were curled underneath her, arms twisted down by her side. She had what looked like rope burns on her wrists, and deep gashes on her head, arms and stomach. Her body was black and blue with bruises. Another girl lay beside her, mirroring the injuries of the other girl. Two rag dolls, carelessly thrown on the ground.


                                *                        *                    *


I looked at the photo, horrified at what I was seeing. It looked as if it had been staged, but it hadn’t. The police had given it to me to jog my memory, but I couldn’t look at it. I wouldn’t believe it. I couldn’t.


The two girls in the photo were me and my best friend, Esme.


I was alive.


She was dead.


“I’m sorry miss, I know this is disturbing, but we need to know. Do you remember anything that happened on Monday evening?” The voice sounded so far away, although the Officer who was asking me this was sitting next to me.

“Not really. I remember Esme and I were heading to a party, and I remember we felt like we were being followed, but that’s the last thing I remember,” I replied, my voice cracking as I spoke through my tears.


This was all too much. I had woken up in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, surrounded by machines, whirling and clicking. My parents were sat at the side of the bed, and my little sister was crying. They told me I had been found in an alleyway just off Surrey Street with Esme, after a woman had reported two bodies found. They were too late to save Esme. She was pronounced dead at the scene, but they managed to save me. I wish they hadn’t. They should have saved Esme, not me. Why couldn’t I have died, instead of her? I didn’t deserve to live. She did. So many people loved her.


I started gasping for breath as I realised I would never see Esme again. My chest hurt, and I felt as if the room was closing in on me. Hot tears streamed down my face. She was the only one who was ever truly there for me. I needed her. And I wanted her now more than ever.


A nurse rushed to my side, and started talking to me in a quiet, calm voice.

“Shh. You’re safe. It’s OK. Take a few deep breaths, in, out, that’s a good girl. See? You’re just fine, just a tad overwhelmed.”


Huh. Overwhelmed was an understatement. My breathing was slowing, and I could feel myself calming down, however I still felt numb inside. I don’t think that will ever go away.


“I think that’s enough visitors for today, I think Mia is tired, and needs rest. We need her to be as calm as possible to help her recover faster,” said the kind nurse, speaking to my parents and to the officer, who was making me feel a little uncomfortable.


          “Alright then. I’ll let you get some sleep, maybe that will jog your memory a little,” the officer spoke quietly to me. She smiled, and left the room, along with my parents and my little sister.


          I sat in my hospital bed, glancing around the small room, taking in my surroundings properly for the first time since I woke up. The walls were white, and looked as though they had just been freshly painted. There was a small window to my right, and on the windowsill were several bouquets of flowers and Get Well Soon!’ cards.


          I was so confused. You see, I was extremely popular, and Esme had also been popular before her… death. But if we were so popular, why did someone want to kill us?


          I was lost in thought, so when the bedside hospital phone rang loudly, it shocked me a little, making me jump.


“Hello?” I answered, feeling unsure, as I didn’t know who would be calling.

“Hello, Mia.” The raspy voice at the other end of the phone made my blood run cold. It sounded as though they were speaking through a voice distorter.

“Who are you?” I demanded.

“It don’t matter who I am. How’re ya?”

“Who are you!” I spoke with urgency. This was probably a prank call, and I was becoming impatient. The caller ignored my question once again.

“Ya know, popularity has a price. And Esme paid it. Din’t she? Though, don’t ya feel guilty that ya survived and she din’t?”

I decided to ignore that bit, because I didn’t know what to say. I just wanted to know who this was, and what they wanted. If this was a prank call, they were going too far. I was becoming more and more scared whilst talking.

“I’m gonna ask one more time. Who are you?!” I almost yelled down the phone.

“You dunno who I am?”


“Well Mia, I’m the person who murdered your little friend, an’ tried to murder you. An’ I’m gonna try again. Only this time, this time, I’m gonna succeed.”


 The phone dropped out of my hand. It took a few moments for what this person had said to register properly, and as it did, I could feel panic rising, bubbling in my throat. When what had just happened sunk in, I screamed as loudly as I could. I screamed for my mum, the doctors, anyone who could hear. But mostly I screamed for Esme.


          Someone wanted to kill me, and somehow, I don’t think they will stop at anything to get at me. I’m not safe here. I’m not safe anywhere. This person wants to kill me, and is going to kill me.


          I clutched the edge of the bed, my throat becoming raw with pain, but I couldn’t stop screaming. Tears rolled down my face as I began crying uncontrollably. Sobs tugged at my chest, I tried to get up from the bed, but I couldn’t because I couldn’t move from the waist down. This discovery made me panic even more, and I realised that I was helpless. When they came to kill me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.


          A group of doctors ran into my room, and the nurse who had calmed me down earlier was talking to me and was trying to calm me down again, but this time it didn’t work.


          “DON’T LET THEM KILL ME!” I screamed as loud as I could. One of the doctors injected something into my IV, and I could feel myself slipping away. Everything seemed to slow down. The room seemed to get darker. Just for a second, I was back in the alleyway with Esme.

“Don’t let go,” she whispered. “Hold on” I remember holding onto her hand as the distant sirens became louder, closer. I remember her hand going limp in mine. Then, as tears rolled down my face, as my chest felt like it was being crushed, the numbing darkness engulfed me, claiming me as its own.

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