The Charge of the Light Brigade (Story Versoin)

A survivor telling his view on the Charge he made Against the Russian Forces and the pain he went through.


1. The Charge they made as the Six Hundred


We were all lined up ready for the charge, ready to face the valley of death. The men were scared and confused wondering ‘why are we attacking from here’ but no one questioned the Orders .They did as they were told when they were told, most of the men knew this was a suicide Mission but still no one questioned the orders. We rode as the six hundred into the valley of death, seconds into the charge most of the six hundred were dead or started to run away from the battlefield.  We got told to move forward and the men looked at the Commander as if he was drunk, we did move forward trying to push the Russians back. We got in the centre of it all, I could only see blood, bodies and men screaming in pain wanting to go home, but still we rode as the Six Hundred.

 We had cannons all around us firing from the left, right, front and behind no where was safe. By now most of the six hundred was dead, most of my friends you could also call them family. The Russians started to fall back but it was not the six Hundred, the cannons were still firing all around us there was no escape from it at all. The person in charge of leading the brigade did not make it out alive, he was a hero to us all, and we had fought well together like brothers dying for each other so we may breathe a little longer. We started to ride back, but there was not many of us left, we managed to get most of the injured but not many of them made it back to the camp alive. But we rode as the six Hundred, we lost the battle badly but the people who survived it never felt better about being alive, what was left of the Six hundred was traumatised, none of the men had seen anything like this before. I was walking around the battlefield looking upon the blood shed that the russains caused that day. Seeing my brothers in the dirt they didn’t deserve this at all, we loading all the injured onto the hourses and we rode back as the six Hundred or what was left of it.

We got back to the camp and I started to take a walk, I could only think about the horros me and the other men faced that day. The glory we got that day was not by the lost or the orders that we got, we got it for our brivary and courage standing together as the Light Brigade but most importantly as brothers.

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