Morgamar The Great

It is about a viking boy who get's banished from his village, he then finds a dragon and starts his own viking clan up


1. The Beggining

Book One: Morgamar the Great: The Beginning


The mighty warriors of the Dragon Breath clan started off their lives as outcasts, all of them from a little village in Sweden, it was named Harfg, All the children were mighty, worthy of being in the Legion which at that time was called the Billik clan, all but one, Morgamar Briggr; unlike the others he was weak, intelligent, he lacked the enthusiasm all other children had, he was stubborn and didn't participate in group activities. All day he would devote himself to reading; dragons fascinated him the most. He thought of them as beautiful, majestic creatures. Drawings and paintings of dragons buried the plastered walls what used to be, every single one, he did, from the slightest detail.
His father the chief of the Billik clan, always doubted him; not once had he imagined him living up to his family’s reputation. He was faced with the most devastating decision, the council organized a meeting with the chief and the members of the council,” We are gathered here today to decide upon the future of the chiefs son Morgamar” said the high priest, “The decision will be made by the most accounted votes, will he stay or will he go?” continued the high priest “Lord Yolaskivic, what might your choice be?” Lord Yolaskivic’s reply was “I vote against him staying he isn’t strong or mighty, he’s weak, fragile, and vulnerable”, All the others agreed with Lord Yolaskivic.

When Morgamars father got home he wanted to talk “Son come in here” said Morgamar’s Father “What is it dad?” replied Morgamar “I am faced with a terrible decision, you have to go I’m so sorry, you’re nothing like a Viking, pack your stuff before morning or else I’ll have to force you out or maybe I’ll have to kill you” this was the saddest day of his life he packed his stuff and began walking to a different land.

Finally he reached somewhere he could rest.  In front of his stood an abandoned barn in the middle of the forest it was full of outcast children that is where he was to meet his future partner, walking into the barn to see maybe 20 children all capable of hunting all wise children all living well, suddenly he heard shooting, a little boy ran into the barn shouting “RUN THEY’RE COMING FOR US!” Morgamar only got a glimpse of the girl that would change his life, running for his life he saw his father and ran for the lake, running and running he fell down a hill to come across a bolder covered wasteland nothing was to be seen just slight shadows in the corner of his eye, the little boy followed Morgamar, “This is the Dragon land” Whispered the boy “By the way I’m Deragon” continued the boy Morgamar replied “I’m Morgamar, Where are you parents?” Deragon started to cry “ I haven’t seen my father in over 6 years” mumbled Deragon “I was kicked out for being unworthy of being a Viking by my own father” said Morgamar “What was your father’s name?” asked Deragon “Billik The Almighty, how about yours?” to Deragon's excitement he replied “My father’s name was Billik The Almighty” he could not believe his eyes he’d come across his own brother the one he had no idea about he couldn’t stop thinking about it all night, they’d camped at the Dragon land for 2 days before moving on, they journeyed across great ruins and trudged through almighty blizzards but they were tough, they came across a lot of enemies but still came through, they finally found a safe area to live they built tools and a house by this time they were the age of just 16, they lived and trained there for many years, they had so much hate for their father so they decided to start their own clan, it had no name yet but more was to come.

Morgamar was still fascinated with Dragons and would occasionally go looking for one, the forest was damp sounds of the nocturnal coco bird echoed around the night Morgamar crouched looking for the slightest sign of movement, CRACK!, a branch broke behind him leaving him vulnerable, a few moments passed until a small dragon ran into Morgamars leg, Morgamar stumbled over this little dragon, it was strong despite being small, Morgamar asked the innocent little dragon questions but no reply was given, the dragon carried on walking, it led Morgamar back to the dragons nest, “Ahh young warrior I’ve been expecting you” Spoke a voice “Who..Who…Who..Who’s there?” Moaned Morgamar “My name is Oskille I am a rare species of dragon and these are my children Ferril and Gert, The prophecy said you were to come alone and would lead the name of the dragon into the history books, but enough of the future what do you seek? “Said Oskille confidently “I seek the opportunity to meet such a magnificent creature like you, I do not want to harm your species in any possible way” croaked Morgamar “I know you will not hurt us I know the future, just know Ferril will bring you greatness in your journey, take my babies with you train them, they will learn to talk to you telepathically, take care of them Morgamar”.

Morgamar returned home to find his brother training in the dark “Why would you be awake at this time my young brother” shouted Morgamar “If I am to become as strong as my big brother I need a lot more training” replied Deragon “Enough training for you we have our first recruits, This is Ferril he’s mine and here’s Gert he’s yours” said Morgamar excitedly “But…they’re Dragons, how on earth did you find these?” replied Deragon looking puzzled “Well every night for the past 6 years I’ve been going out in the early hours of the morning hoping to find a dragon but tonight a dragon found me isn’t this amazing?” said Morgamar they spent many months training these fierce warrior Ferril was a really dark purple and Gert was a really bright red, their training was complete.

 it was a sunny day where Morgamar and Deragon lived they were trying to figure out a name for the clan when suddenly they saw a bright flame come from behind them “I’ve got it” shouted Deragon “We shall call it Dragons Breath” continued the excited warrior “Brilliant” replied Morgamar, Thumping on the ground, leafs crackling on the floor, heavy metal clanking, a gang of people stumbled across our little house, a woman walked from the crowned “I am Victoria, Leader of the Outcast clan, we saw the flames  are you okay here?” squeaked Victoria, to Morgamar she was the most beautiful, elegant and precious woman he’d ever seen “Everything is fine my dear madam” mumbled Morgamar, to Morgamar’s surprise Ferril walked out, he towered high above the trees “GET DOWN THERES A DRAGON” shouted Victoria “Don’t be alarmed he’s with us” replied Morgamar, Victoria and her men put down their weapons, they all exchanged stories at the camp fire, Morgamar walked to Victoria’s tent he called her name “Victoria, are you there?” whispered Morgamar “Yes, come in” replied Victoria “What do you want?” she continued “I was wondering if me and my brother could join your clan?” said Morgamar, to his astonishment her reply was to be yes “Yes you may ,but on one condition” he replied “What might this condition be?” she looked at him like she loved him she thought for a while and eventually replied “May we use your dragons for battle?” he thought for a while it wasn’t a tough decision he already knew the answer he has to say yes so he did “Yes but it comes at a price we change the clan name to Dragons Breath” she also thought this through and agreed “ come along we will introduce these new changes to the clan, “Listen up everyone, I’d like to introduce our new members this is as you might know Morgamar and his younger brother Deragon and their dragons Ferril and Gert, we are also changing the clans name to Dragon Breath” she said very swiftly the clan cheered very rapidly the celebrations carried on way into the night, this didn’t come as a surprise, they were Viking after all, This is where it all started for Morgamar and Deragon, this was the beginning of something magnificent this was the start of the Dragon Breath Clan…

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