Which one is the right one??

Hi im Hailey Jonhson. Im about to have a step-brother and step-dad. my brother's friends live with us which is creepy but awesome. One of my brother's friends is my best friend. Well he became my best friend. I've been knowing my brother and his friends FOREVER now!!!! My whole life actually. Im also bout to start high school. My school has this weird beauty pageant. Its called" tag ur it". Its when ten girls join and one of them wins. If u win ur virginity will be stolen whether you like it or not. Your virginty gets stolen by one of the 5 hottest guys in school. You'll have to read to find out the rest.
A/N- Hiya I got this idea by reading a story called "slave auction" and "winner gets all"


3. Weird but true

~Hailey is now 16~
I woke up and smelled cinnamons and bacon. Is Liam incharge of food today?!?? I dont care it smells good. I had a weird dream... Where Louis and Liam kissed me... I don't know what happened but Then Harry started hurting Louis. I stopped it though. Louis and Liam really did kiss me when I was 3. But Harry or Niall or Zayn knows bout it.. And Harry did not beat Louis up. But its weird. Anywho today is my first day of high school!!!!!! Yay!!!! Not. I heard knocking on my door. "Come in!!" It was Zayn.. What was he doing here.. And it looked like he just cried... "What's wrong, tell me" Zayn looked at me then started sniffling. "M-mom and dad s-s-said......." Said what?!!?? OMG I hated it when Zayn does this. "Said what?!?!?" Zayn's eyes are watering.. "T-t-they said y-y-you c-could da-d-da-date!" Zayn whispered sadly and he started crying. Awww poor guy. "Cool, Zayn I will always be your little sister okay" I tried to cheer him up. Zayn knodded and leaves. Wow. I never really had interest in dating. My best friend Louis does, he talks about it all the time!!!
Niall's POV
Is it true!!! That Hailey can date??? OMG im so happy!!!!!!!! Zayn came out of her room and ran straight to the bathroom covering his face. What's his problem? There's a knock on me and Liam's room. "Open sesame!!" It was Louis with a happy face and his red pants and striped shirt haha as always. OH NO!! Louis likes Hailey and I do too and clearly Liam does too OH BOY!!! "Did you hear that!!!!!!!" I lied and answered "No hear what?" Louis shaked me and yelled "Hailey can date now!!!!!!!" I knodded my and then put on a face like " soo I dont care" face.
"Hailey we're gonna be late!!!!!" Zayn reminded her. "Im coming!!!!" Hailey whined
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