Which one is the right one??

Hi im Hailey Jonhson. Im about to have a step-brother and step-dad. my brother's friends live with us which is creepy but awesome. One of my brother's friends is my best friend. Well he became my best friend. I've been knowing my brother and his friends FOREVER now!!!! My whole life actually. Im also bout to start high school. My school has this weird beauty pageant. Its called" tag ur it". Its when ten girls join and one of them wins. If u win ur virginity will be stolen whether you like it or not. Your virginty gets stolen by one of the 5 hottest guys in school. You'll have to read to find out the rest.
A/N- Hiya I got this idea by reading a story called "slave auction" and "winner gets all"


1. NO WAY!!!

Ok so im 3 years old right now. Just lettin ya know. I have a play date with my friend Zayn Malik. He is an awesome friend!!!!!
"I'll get it, you set the table" Mom yelled.
"Okie dokie"
There was laughing and whispering by the frontdoor.
"Heyyy Hailey!!!!!" Zayn screamed
"Zaynie Waynie!!!!!!" I screamed back
"Stop calling me that" Zayn pouts, "call me deejay Malik"
I laughed and laughed until I saw his dad. My mom knodded at Mr.Malik. That was plain creepy.
"Can I tell her!!!" Zayn whined
"Tell me what?"
"Your mom and I are getting married!!!!!" Mr.Malik replied with joy
"Actually we're already married!!!" My mom yelled with tears in her eyes. YES I wasnt the only one who didnt like this. "Why are you crying mom?" Zayn asked "they're tears of joy!" Mom answered.
Never mind. I put my palm on my face and shook my head. "Go pack fast Hailey, cuz we're moving!!!" Dad apperently said. "NOOOOO IM NOT MOVING!!!!!" I screeched, "THERE'S NO WAY IM MOVING!!!!!! Im keeping mah butt on this chair" I said while sitting on a chair.
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