Which one is the right one??

Hi im Hailey Jonhson. Im about to have a step-brother and step-dad. my brother's friends live with us which is creepy but awesome. One of my brother's friends is my best friend. Well he became my best friend. I've been knowing my brother and his friends FOREVER now!!!! My whole life actually. Im also bout to start high school. My school has this weird beauty pageant. Its called" tag ur it". Its when ten girls join and one of them wins. If u win ur virginity will be stolen whether you like it or not. Your virginty gets stolen by one of the 5 hottest guys in school. You'll have to read to find out the rest.
A/N- Hiya I got this idea by reading a story called "slave auction" and "winner gets all"


2. New Life...

Hailey's POV
The new house isn't that bad. What am I saying!!!!!! I'm suppose to not like this. The house has five rooms. One room for me, one for Zayn, one for my parents, and two as guest rooms. Actually Zayn's friends' rooms. Zayn has four best friends. Harry,Niall,Liam,and Louis. They all live with us.Harry is a BIG flirt.Liam is too goodie two shoes.Louis is plain weird.Niall eats a lot.Zayn rhymes with vain which describes him. My parents are always away and they leave Liam in charge. I fancy Harry the most. I don't know if I like him or he's just too flirty.I kinda like this kind of life. I could get used to this.
I woke up. Went to the bathroom and fixed my hair and washed my face.I opened the door and BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was on top of Louis.....
Louis' POV
I woke up.. Harry was already gone. Probably downstairs. I knew it Harry liked her. He said he only wakes up early to impress a girl..... Hailey is the only girl in the house. For now. I should go to the bathroom... I need to pee!! The bathroom door is locked!!! I should lay down and wait. Few minutes later im squished.. Hailey fell on top of me... I looked at her.. Then I kissed her on the lips......!!!!! She slapped me! "OUUUCCHHH" Then she laughed. We went downstairs still laughing. We saw angry Harry. "Louis a moment please!!" Harry said with an angry voice. Boy he was red.. Uh Oh th-tha-that mean his t-t-temper!!!!!! Im not scared of curly boy. Doesnt everyone call him cupcake for a reason. I also saw Zayn outside angry too. They started kicking me and yelling at me. Harry punched both of my eyes. Everything sounded and looked like a blurr.. They were still hurting me...... "No STOP WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING STOP!!!!!!!!!!" I heard Hailey yell while her voice cracked. Harry still kept hurting me. "Harry thats enough!" Zayn yelled
Liam's POV
Zayn and Harry told me their plan.... I don't like it one bit... But the good thing is I get to kiss Hailey.. Hailey was about to go outside then I grabbed her arm and whispered "wouldn't do that if I were you" She tried to escape but my grip was strong. I was about to kiss her but then I kissed her on the cheek instead.. Poor girl is only three years old. She slapped me. "OWW!!!" I yelped She laughed.. I love her laugh its so beautiful. Then I let go of her and she started yelling.
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