Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


4. Truths


I smiled a goodbye from the sisterly pair and refused to eat any of the yummy looking food Yuzu offered me. After seeing how perfect I'd allowed my soul reaper body to keep, I didn't fancy fattening it, nor my Gigai up any more than I already had. I waited patiently outside Ichigo's house as he hobbled out, fitting a shoe to his foot. A roll of something held between his teeth. I just couldn't help but smile at his stupidity. I again recalled how envious my past self must be. How I had craved to be 'hanging out' with the one and only Ichigo Kurosaki. I didn't mind that his hair was so bright and different, it made him. It used to anger me how those lowly humans could cause offense to those different to them. I was used to it, so I ignored it... But still...

"Finally!" Rukia chimed from the gate. "Morning sleepyheads." She winked at me as I joined her on the path. I seemed Rukia was less cold this morning... Or was that just her human act? 

"Morning Ruki." 

"I said. Don't start." That cold front returned for my benefit alone. I rolled my eyes and pulled my hair through over my shoulder. Something I did when a lot when I was in my Gigai. It felt girly, so I played my girl card. Rukia's eyes widened and stopped me. 

"Hey! Rukia!" I exclaimed only just keeping my balance. 

"What is this?" She said harshly, grasping my locks and tugging sightly. 

"Ow!" I replied. Not sure what she was on about. I peered through my scrunched up eyes to find many of hairs a vibrant orange colour. "What the...?" I whispered to myself. Taking my hair from Rukia's hands into my own. I twisted the split ends I had yet to trim and tried to see if it was a trick of the light. My breath caught a little in my throat as my tries failed. 

"Oh yeah.. Wasn't your hair green yesterday?" Ichigo said blatantly, his hands slung in his pockets. I began breathing quicker, but forced myself to slow down, I wouldn't start hyperventilating. 

"I-I-...I don't understand..." I felt my eyebrows aching my forehead as they creased and furrowed in a mass of confusion. 

"Obviously you've been thinking about a certain Kurosaki lately." Rukia remained unimpressed. She walked off with a frown on her face. What was her problem? I quite literally face palmed, my head slipped into my hands and my hair fell over my face. Be strong. Your the stronger one.  I nodded to myself and saw Rukia half a mile in front of us. I was curious as to why Ichigo was still stood with me. 

"It's intriguing." He stated, watching the morning skies. "Why does your hair change when you think about someone?" He looked over at me. He seemed interested to be fair. 

"I don't know. Just does. Always has done, since I can remember." 

"Tell me..." He said, beginning to walk and causing me to follow. "How did your parents die?" He continued. His face forlorn, full of sorrow and memory. I felt my smile weaken once again. 

"As far as I know. They simply died." Stating the obvious my dear. "I awoke in the night to find the house burning. Choking on all the smoke, I also found half of the brickwork and structure ripped apart.... And.... They..." I hung my head. 

"You want to hear mine?" He asked softly. I looked up at the serious boy and smiled a little, but then it faltered and tears were produced. 

"I...I know exactly what happened Ichigo..." I sobbed gently. He looked down at me with surprise and hurt on his face. 

"Yo-you can't!" He said strongly. 

"I...I was the one who drove the hollow off that day... I was the one who wasn't strong enough to save your mother..." I controlled the racking of my chest as Ichigo stopped. 

"I know it was a hollow... Rukia... I wasn't strong enough either..." He hung his head sightly when I looked up, his eyes shadowed. "But you can't of..." I trailed off in thought. I dared to near him and touched his shoulder with my hand. 

"I'm sorry Ichigo... If I'd have been faster... Been stronger... You wouldn't ever have to..." I knew exactly how he felt. It was the worse feeling in the world... To have lost one you loved most. Suddenly I was swamped in Ichigo's arms. I gasped loudly and tripped into him. 

"Don't apologize... I couldn't kill Grand Fisher either... But I will." Ichigo's voice was full of purpose and determination. But I could sense the darkness in his voice. The thirst for revenge.

"I wish to accompany you in this goal." I said with the same tongue into his chest as his anger boiled and his arms tightened slightly. 

"With pleasure." He spat. 





I sat amongst the shade of the tree in the lower courtyard. Clutching at my rumbling stomach. 

"Damn." I muttered to myself.

"Hungry?" I jumped out of my skin as Ichigo appeared as if by magic beside me. 

"Don't do that!" I gasped, calming my Gigai's thumping heart. "And no." I said with confidence. 


"Am not."

"Are too."



"I am not!" Ichigo just laughed and smirked halfheartedly. 

"Your a real bad liar." He said as he fuddled around in his bag. "Errm... There!" He proclaimed, producing a small round parcel from the depths of his bag. "Here." He smiled passing the small parcel over to me. I shoved it away, already feeling guilty for having fallen asleep at his house. And sleeping next to him! It's not that bad...Shut up Renoa

"No, no! I'm fine! I mean it Ichigo!" I smiled widely at him, but was betrayed by my stomach which decided to gurgle loudly at that very point. "Oh..." I groaned almost seeing the sweat-drop that appeared over my head. 

"Just eat it." Ichigo shoved the parcel into my mouth and sat back on the grassy hill that was shaded generously. He folded his arms behind his head and looked into the tree's branches. His stern face dappled with the sunlight. I reluctantly opened the little package and fished the small chocolate cookie. I chuckled sightly.

"How'd you know?" I asked with a smile, laying down beside him. 

"Huh?" He looked over at me, his eyes glowing in the suns rays. 

"Cookies. I love them!" I felt my smile stretch a little wider. I giggled lightly and watched my chest jump up and down as I ate. There was a pause. Silence between us. It wasn't awkward, but it was truely silent. I tried to listen to the breeze, but it wasn't there.

"How could I never have noticed you before?" Ichigo spoke, breaking into the silence. 

"I'm not exactly anything spectacular, nothing much to notice I guess." I took another bite of the chewy chocolaty goodness at my fingertips. 

"Hmm." Ichigo looked over at me again, then looked back into the sky. His knee bent and his leg propped up on the hill. "Your definitely something..." He trailed off, coming to his feet quickly. 


~Ichigo's P.O.V~ 


It pains me to think I couldn't have sensed her before. Is it because she was concealed in that Gigai? I can't be sure. But I know something. She's like a magnet. I keep feeling this pull towards her, be it her spiritual energy or something else. What was she? Who was she? Really?

"Your definitely something..." I mumbled to myself more than for her benefit, but it seemed to spark her eyes slightly. Her eyes, a beautiful blue colour, they seemed to sparkle. Hmp, I sound so hopeless. I rose to my feet and stretched. She said she'd held me kill Fisher. She said she wanted to. Could she really have been there all them years ago? Impossible. Then there's the scenario with her own parents. A fire, structure of the house demolished. That sounds familiar. Definitely reeks of hollow. But then.. Why leave her alive? I guess I could question the same thing for myself. 

"Hey! Wait up!" She giggled, it was such a light and girly sound, something that did not reflect her soul reaper form at all. Was she also putting an act on, just like Rukia? I rubbed at my neck and sighed, before remembering to help her from the ground. She joined me, slightly shorter than myself. As I looked down on her, I noticed her hair blowing in the wind. It's glossy black surface lit by the colours that shone at her tips. I inspected them as she walked along side me, blabbering on about how she shoudn't have eaten that cookie. She could sure be a girl sometimes. It made me smile, the orange wound in her hair. It seemed to feed upwards, as if growing on her. It looked a little messy against that deep green, but non the less, it brightened up her whole face. I pondered on who that green could belong to all the way up to class. 

"Ichigo! Wake up idiot!" There was the more manly and tom boy like voice I'd associate with Renoa. She grabbed my wrist as I almost walked sleepily into the door frame. "Idiot." She smiled at me. 

That smile. Why hadn't I seen it before? How could I have been so blind to her. As to not have seen, or sensed such a strong reaper within my own class? I huffed a little. That's because I've never seen her smile before. In all the 5 years I had been within this class, known, but not spoken to this timid girl, I'd never seen her smile. Lets be honest. I thought to myself. You never really saw her at all.

~Back to Renoa~


"Idiot!" I clasped the dazed Ichigo and pulled him into the class before he came face to face with the door frame. Honestly, I wonder how he survived. I dropped my smile and my head a little as I entered the class. I was ignored, as usual, but Ichigo was welcomed brightly by his peers.

"Ichigo!" The overly cheery cry of Orihime Inoue rung through my ears. She really got on my nerves some times. 

"Orihime, you seen Rukia?" The slim ginger paused and dramatically placed her finger to her chin in thought. 

"No actually I haven't! Hmmm... Maybe she ran away because I offered to exchange lunches tomorrow. She keeps avoiding it!" Babbling on more than she should. But at least Ichigo was on the ball, I had barely noticed Rukia's absence. 

"Where could she have gotten to? Do you think its...?" I motioned to something in the air, I knew Ichigo would understand. But something tells me I shouldn't have stepped in. I cringed at the looks I was receiving from his friends. "Huh. He ha, hurh..." I laughed awkwardly in the presence of these people. 

"WHY HI THERE I'M ORIHIME!" The high pitched cheeriness of Orihime hit me back into the desk behind me as I was hit by her. Her arms circling me in a hug, pressing me to her chest. I stood awkwardly in her arms. 

"Er, hi?" I choked out. I hadn't expected this. Orihime stepped back with happiness plastered all over her face. The others gave her also a strange look but she held herself. Another pair of arms grabbed me. 

"Yeah, this is Renoa, she's gunna start hanging with us right Renoa?" Ichigo slipped his arm over my shoulders accepting me into his group. I stood there. Was I still dreaming? 

"Pinch me." I said without emotion to Ichigo as he smiled to the others. 

"Well, any friend of Ichigo's is a friend of mine!" I was soon grouped in with them, most a little put out by my presence, but soon warming to my quiet act. Once again, the irony was unbelievable. I had dreamed about being friends with Ichigo's friends, by being accepted by him and them. Introduced as his friend. Am I sure I'm not dreaming?


I sat in class as the lecture bore on. Rukia was still no where in sight. Where could she have gotten to that troublesome shinigami? I propped my chin against my hands and bit into my lip for something to do. I felt like someone was talking about me. Soul sense I guess. I scanned the room in front of me. No one suspicious. I looked behind me to receive a small smile from one of I guess me 'new friends' Tatsuki. She rolled her eyes and I smiled back at her. I made a notion that I was slitting my own throat and she stifled a small laugh. Tatsuki was a hard nut, I liked her. I'd always admired her strength and grouped her alike myself, well, when I'm not in this Gigai that is. I faced forward again and found myself look to my left. That's when I found Ichigo sat a lot like myself, staring at me. 

"What?" I mimed to him. Giving him an eyebrow and confused smile as he continued to watch me. I waved my hand in front of my face. He blinked and sat up suddenly as if he'd just woken up. 

"Please don't fall asleep in my lesson Mr Kurosaki." The teacher droned. I bit my lip again to stop the laughter. Strange little soul reaper. 




I couldn't wait for that final bell to ring. My soul pressure was being a nuisance and controlling it throughout the boredom really wore me down. I sighed and flipped the fringe of my hair out of my face. 

"Hurry up Ichigo." I mumbled to myself. Finally the carrot head emerged. "Finally." I muttered with a smile. 

"Sorry crazy lady." I smirked at him. 

"You seen Rukia?" I asked casually. It was beginning to worry me. She was absent and not a single hollow had appeared today. What was up with that?

"Nope, you?" I shook my head. 

"This isn't good." I whispered. Walking past the river again. "Why don't you text me if she's at yours? If not I'll come over and knock you into your soul form, then we can locate her easier." I smiled up at him not noticing what I'd just asked for. 

"Good idea crazy lady, here." I took the note from his fingers after he'd scribbled down the numbers. I stared at the note in my palm. 

I'd just got Ichigo's number.


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