Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


8. Shattered Shaft (Part 2)



After numerous hours, ones I'd been keeping track of, I turned over from looking at the fake sky, to look at Ichigo again. He was just laid on his side, watching the chain eat at itself. He must have recognized the pattern by now, as he kept making unsuccessful attempts to race up the wall during the less painful phases. Tessai sat down there somewhere in the dark, I could only hope Ichigo would make it out alive.  Jinta ran over with a platter of food in his hands. He smirked mockingly and leaned over the edge. 

"You hungry carrot top?" I heard Ichigo grunt. 

"No." Jinta chuckled slightly. 

"Good." He placed his free hand on his hip. "Cos if you do, that ain't good. That means your nearing the time of becoming a hollow." He laughed a little, then sped down the sides of the shaft till he reached the bottom. I watched with unamused eyes as he placed the platter in front of him. 

"Evil soul." I muttered. With a sigh, I forced myself to listen in. 

"You've been down here a total of seventy hours, that means only 2 more left." I heard the sinister chuckle of the self centred red head. "You sure you ain't hungry? That chain looks rather short to me." He giggled to himself. "It gets real painful soon." I could hear the menace in his young voice. Jinta ran back up the side and stood beside my beached self. He laughed lowly again. "It's about time for the show to start." He winked down at me and I scowled back. Insolent child. 

"GAH!" I heard Ichigo's cry echo out of the deep hole. I turned my attention back to the strapped up body as it whithered around on the ground. 

"Ichigo! What's wrong?!" I shouted down, though as his emotions spiked, I began to read some drifting thoughts. 






IchigoI sent without having to strain my sore vocal chords. 

The chain, the chain! It's almost gone! The hole! In my chest! Renoa help me! My eyes flickered open as I pictured to empty hole of a hollow forming on Ichigo's chest, the emptiness that carved away his heart. I came to my feet about to release myself from my Gigai when Ichigo's scream froze me to the spot. I stared down at the struggling body as ghastly white liquid erupted everywhere. 

No! Please no!

"Ichigo!" I screamed down helplessly, my body nearly tumbling over the shaft. "Please! Let me help him!" I gripped at my chest as Kisuke restrained me. 

"No ordinary friend would feel such pain, such need to save their own. Only those of soul uniting should feel this way. Are you sure the hollow is your mate Renoa? Or is it the human that is fighting the transformation? Tell me now." I sobbed as I felt Ichigo's pain and Kisuke's harsh words splitting through my heart. 

"He's going to become one of them! Please Kisuke! Please don't let him die!" I pleaded almost on my knees. I crouched, hunched like a weakling over the edge of the hole, watching the horrific sight in the belly of the shaft. Ichigo was resisting as best he could in his secure state, the white eery glare of an evil hollow mask forming on his face. "That's not right..." I pondered between my pain. 

"Exactly. The very fact the mask is forming first, proves he's fighting. There's still chance yet." Urahara finished the last of yet another apple. 

"NO MORE! I KILL HIM NOW!" I hear Tsubakishi calling out, he steps up the Kido just an explosion emerges. I shielded my Gigai's eyes from the smoke and twisted the bracelet to release myself. Awaiting the hollow I may not be able to slay. I draw Shinju and hold him forward in offensive position. I feel my strength leave me as Ichigo, dressed in his black shihakusho, and hidden is his face with a horrid hollow mask. The teeth sharp and long, stripes of deep read marking above and under the eye socket. I tried to stop my hands from shaking and ignored the protests from Shinju

"I...Ich..Igo?" I stuttered out. Still shaking. The masked reaper brought the hilt of his shattered Zanpakuto. I gasped as I remembered the night it had been slashed so easily. He smashed the hilt into the mask, shattering that also, into a million shards that collected on the ground at his feet. I felt my face fall into an easy smile and a tear escape my eye as Ichigo appeared from behind the monstrosity. 

"Woo! You did it! Congratulations Soul Reaper!" Kisuke congratulated beside me. 

"I said I'd kill you, and I will." Ichigo pointed the blunt of his Zanpakuto towards the green man. I returned Shinju and ran to Ichigo, who briefly hugged me. I made the short seconds count, though he didn't hug me very tight, I wrapped my arms around him and escaped effortlessly. My fingers graced the broken edge of Zanpakuto in his hand and I gasped, staring at the blade as I felt whispers from it. 

"Zangetsu..?" I murmured to myself, Ichigo not hearing the vital name of his Zanpakuto. He pressed me aside. 

"Don't interfere Renoa." He growled at me, not giving me the honour of his eyes. 

"Lesson 3! All you have to do.. Is knock off my hat." I huffed. Kisuke you bastard. 

"5 minutes easy." Kisuke smiled at the concept and out of his cane released Benihime. His thin, agile Zanpakuto



Ichigo began running, his shattered weapon nothing for the skilled release of Shikai of Kisuke's sword. 

"Ichigo you idiot! Call your Zanpakuto! Call-" I was about to shout the name I'd been given earlier when a mysterious man, cloaked in darkness, long hair, and glasses floated beside Ichigo as he ran. I could see him, clear as day, but it seemed Kisuke could not.

Ichigo could.

Not something else!

If that's Zangetsu then... 

"What the hell is that stupid Zanpakuto doing out of his sword?" I turned in annoyance as the form of Shinju stood beside me. A lanky, slightly hunched figure of a crazy young teenager, alike myself stood beside me. He had dark hair, and was dressed in simple black and white jeans and top. Obviously my Zanpakuto

"I could say the same for you Shinju!" I cried, happy to see my old friend. 

"It's been a while my dear." He reminded me so much of my mate when he spoke. His old tongue not suiting his appearance. "Y'know something?" I nodded for him to continue. "I like this guy better." He pointed to Ichigo. "Try to get him to wield me. If he can, then you know our suspicions are true." I groaned. 

"I know..." I watched as Ichigo stopped running and faced the apposing Urahara

"I never did like that hollow guy anyway." Shinju slipped back into the sword with a smile goodbye. 

"Stupid Shinju. You do not choose my love life." I smiled and patted the sword on my back. I turned back just in time to see the new form of the ZanpakutoZangestu was magnificent, a still huge sword, with a pointed edge, one that thinned towards the edge, thicker at the hilt. It had no holster, only the large white ribbon on its handle to wrap around its huge frame. I stared out at the weapon as Ichigo collided with Urahara and watched as the hat flew off of his head effortless in the clearing smoke.

He did it. 

Now its my turn to test him.


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