Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


7. Shattered Shaft (Part 1)


Urahara you asshole. Wait, why am I bothered? I shut my gaping mouth and pouted in thought. Because you like Ichigo, that's why idiot. I mentally slapped myself. Ow. Shhhh

Kisuke flashed his fan in a rather feminine way and hid his lower jaw, allowing only the shrouded upper part of his face to be shown.  

"Hmmm? You didn't know?" Urahara turned to me with a twinkle in his hidden eyes. "Guess your not that famous after all Renoa." He smirked behind his fan. I crossed my arms and looked down and my orange and black mess of hair. I pouted even more, and I knew how stupidly dramatic it looked. I dared to glance over at Ichigo. Part of me was desperate for him to be annoyed by the fact someone par say, 'had', me. But I doubted much chance of that. I was happily surprised to what I saw. Guilty confession there. 

"WHAT?" Ichigo stood there, his anger pulsing, his mouth open wide. Kisuke nodded with a childish grin. 

"Yes. Of course. Your human, you wouldn't know." Kisuke sat down with the grin still on his face. "Story time children?" 

"Urahara!" I yelled into the two. "You know the situation as well as I do, it's not that simple. You know what he's like... What he's done. I hate him. I wish I wasn't who I'm known to be." I turned to Ichigo and my face softened. "That's why I enjoyed being round you Ichigo." I looked down and rubbed my arm guiltily. "You didn't know me." I hung my head a little lower. When I gained the courage to look up again, the bandaged Ichigo was stood with his hips forward slighly, hands in fists at his sides. His face that soberly pout that I couldn't lie, was to die for. He looked over at me and I allowed a small smile to grace my lips.

"Hmm." Urahara's serious tone split through my thoughts, causing me to drop eye contact with Ichigo. His sarcasm dispersed. 'It would seem... That something is not right here." He stood up again and came over to me.I stood very still as Urahara whispered in my ear. "The energy here. It's the same as his. It's the one energy. That  energy. You sure this one isn't...?" I looked him in the eyes. 

"I-...I..." I stuttered. I. What else can I say now? He thinks Ichigo could be my soul mate? How insane. We had barely gotten close... But then....

"Hmm." He repeated. "I feel it." I blinked rapidly, before Urahara turned and left me, dropping the conversation. "We'll have story time later kiddies!" He said with the sarcasm returning, he sounded like a paedophile. "We must attend to the problem at hand. Rukia." Ichigo's eyes widened and his fists tightened at the mention of Rukia's name. I put on my hard face. 

"I have to save her. I owe it to her. I have to." Ichigo said with his deathly stare. I felt his words piercing through me, though not directed at me, nor for me. I clutched at my chest silently. Why did it hurt..? So... Much? 

"Yeah, well..." Urahara fanned himself idly. "You lost all your powers my friend." Ichigo's orangey hazel eyes widened and he stiffened a little. His muscles tensing under the bandages. I averted my eyes though the pull to just keep staring at him was insane. I took a deep breath and held my hands together. Ichigo's eyes kept dashing from me to Urahara. How obvious can you be? I sighed and smiled gravely at the human not far away and began to fiddle with the torn clothes my Gigai wore. 

"Honestly. And you say he isnt?" Urahara turned to me with disgusted shock on his dark face. He shook it away and returned to Ichigo. "You have 10 days. 10 days to train, and enter the soul society." 

"What? But Rukia faces death! We can't take that long!" I rolled my eyes. 

"They're not that savage Ichi." I grumbled. Kisuke chuckled and nodded. 

"Yep! Takes em' a while to sort and file it all. Her execution can also be delayed for many reasons. So we need not worry. Plus, right now, your nothing." He pointed his stick at the boy who tensed again. DON'T LOOK! "You need to at least be a something before you head off through there." Kisuke rested the cane over his shoulders like a soul reaper would their Zanpakuto. "So Ichigo Kurosaki... Do you accept?" 

"Yes." Ichigo nodded abruptly, without even thinking out the consequences. He was so rash. So fast. 

I just hoped I wouldn't loose him on the other side. 




"Who would have thought this massive and perfect hidden underground training facility?" Urahara's sarcastic self centred voice rung through out the arena like grounds. 

"Not bad for an ass." I mumbled. 

"Another attack from Captain Obvious." Ichigo knocked my shoulder and laughed, which made me laugh with him. Kisuke grumbled, attention taken away from him. 

"Let's begin." 

"Huh?" Ichigo barely had time to finish turning back when Kisuke's cane knocked through his head and sent his soul out of his body. I watched the heavy thing fall and then my eyes followed the chain that connected him to his original state. "What th-" Ichigo clasped at his chest and the chain, struggling to breath. I stood and watched silently. Come on Ichigo. I thought to myself. He can do it. I hope. 

"Hard to breath apart from your human body isn't it Ichigo?" Kisuke mocked the soul on it's knees not far away. I wanted to leave, because for some reason, I couldn't breath to well easily. I gripped at my chest again and coughed weakly. Ichigo looked up at me as the coughing got worse. I felt my legs becoming weak, whats happening to me? I shook slightly and fell to my knees. 

"Well, well, well. And you say he isn't. What lies." Kisuke tapped me on the head with the stick. My eyes wide and my chest hurting massively. Was I feeling what Ichigo was feeling? Impossible. That would mean that... 

"Renoa!" Ichigo shouted breathlessly and I felt the breathlessness hit me. I gulped at the oxygen round me.

"Idiot. Stop it. Can't you see? What ever you do, you influence on her. Get your breath back, or starve her of it. Your choice." I shook on my knees. How could Ichigo bare this? It can't be. It can't be! I clutched as the lack of tasteful air tore at my Gigai's lungs.. I stared in shock as the breathing hardened slightly. 

"Ah!" I gasped as pain spiked through my chest. I could hear Ichigo's silent growls of pain that he tried unsuccessfully to hide. Pain ripped through my empty Gigai. I reached for my bracelet when Kisuke stopped me.

"No. Don't help him. I need him to regain his spirit energy. Without his own pain, and that of yours to bare, he won't do it quickly enough. It's actually an advantage for the boy that you feel this way." He didn't even smile. Damn shop keepers. I placed my hands on the hard gravel to stabilize my weak Gigai. "You shall fight Ururu." The cute little shop helper with bangs hanging over her eyes stepped up and chucked some protective wear for Ichigo

"Huh? What's this?  I won't hit a little girl!" Ururu made some practice jabs with her mushroom gloves. 

"I don't want to hurt you Ichigo. Please." She said sweetly. Dammnit Ichigo. Just do as your told for once. I was about to shout it at him as pain erupted through me. I watched Ichigo flinch at the pain. I laid on my back and looked up, watching the girl  prepare herself upside down. Oh wait, that was just me. I tried breathing deeply and even, but it hurt so much. How was Ichigo standing? He looked over at me on the floor briefly, which left him open for attack. 

Idiot! Focus on her! I thought absently as I watched the nimble attacks or Ururu knock Ichigo to the ground. 

I can't hit her! It's not right! I felt my eyes opening wide, and in my energetic state I turned over to stare at him. 

"I can.."

"Read your thoughts!" Ichigo finished. NO! No, no, no, no, no! Not happening. 

"Ah, young love." Kisuke mocked behind me. I shot him a hurtful glance. I felt my breathing problems lessen slightly. I used it as a chance to shout over. 

"ICHIGO! FIGHT HER!" I shouted and collapsed to the ground. With that last bit of breath gone, I used this new found telepathy to help the boy. I'll regret it later. 

Just do it. It's the only way. Listen to me idiot. You wont hurt her. 

I heard Ichigo in the back ground and decided not to waste my energy on looking, just used him to see. His thoughts were very loud.

"Fine!" He called, trying to strap the headgear to his head and failing. "Huh?" I heard Ururu rushing at him again, and the unchained soul running helplessly. "HOW DO I PUT IT ON?" 

Kisuke laughed lightly. "Watch this." He whispered to me and I did as I told. I turned again and watch Ichigo fumble with the white headgear. "You have to sing the special chant!" He said with a spike of sarcasm. 

"WHAT?" Ichigo shouted between yelps as Ururu closed in on him. 

"SAY THE CHANT!" Kisuke forced himself not to laugh.

"FINE! WHAT CHANT?" Ichgo replied and I hid my smirk. Urahara cleared his throat. 

"Take this! The powers of justice! Justice armor, justice headband! Attack!" Urahara smiled to himself.

"Poetic." I said blandly. 

"WHAT? I AIN'T SAYING THAT!" Ichigo just missed another fatal blow from Ururu

"SAY IT!" Urahara acted all serious, adding only more so to the hoax. 

"FINE!" Ichigo slapped the band to his head and prayed the chant breathlessly. "TAKE THIS! THE POWERS OF JUSTICE! JUSTICE ARMOR, JUSTICE HEADBAND! ATTACK!" He slapped it again and the band did nothing. "I KNEW IT!" Kisuke just smiled to himself as I breathlessly laughed on the floor. The headband finally attached to Ichigo's head and undeterred, he turned to face the girl chasing him. He faced her and as she sent a blow that hit him before, he dodged effortlessly. I felt my breathing ease. Ichigo stopped to feel it too. 

"It's coming back, my soul energy." He muttered to himself. 

I don't have to hit her, I can just dodge her. 





I stopped trying with telepathy after that. He was so getting a slap. He dodged and blocked the hits and thrusts Ururu sent towards him, her attack not deterring in the slightest. I felt my breathing returning and collectively came to my feet, still only slightly breathless. Ururu finished Ichigo after he punched her lightly and the large shop helper caught him with ease. 

"Rematch." He yelled breathlessly. Boy. He just didn't give up. "I lost, I need to win." He called to Kisuke who shrugged. 

"Nah. You completed lesson one." Tsukabishi, the tall hefty made helper in the shop, cut the chain linking Ichigo and his body with a rather large axe. I watched as the chain was severed. No. Not already? "Let's move on straight away." Urahara continued. 




"Orihime, Chad-" 

"It's Sado."

"Apologies." The black cat nodded over at the tall tanned boy. "Let us begin your training." 

"But why? Why us Yoruichi?" Orihime's innocence was a hindrance. She coudn't fight, she will never fight. 

"Because they need your help. RukiaIchigo and Renoa." The cat purred absently as the humans sat wide eyed before them. 

"Rukia?! Ichigo?!" Orihime put a hand over her heart in shock. 

"And Renoa." The cat rubbed its body along the leg of the muscly boy to make sure he was still with them. 

"Renoa. She's that quiet girl Ichigo introduced. He seemed to like her." Sado said monotonously. The cat nodded in response. 

"WHAT?" Orihime questioned brightly, her gingery locks flying around her. 

"Enough." The cat sat between the two. "Training begins now. We train, or loose our friends. Your choice." 

"I choose this."

"As do I."

"I shall train alone." Uryu spoke up with a small package in his hands. 

"Fair enough. Let's begin." 




"Lesson number...2!" Kisuke introduced his next horrific trial far too happily. I groaned inwardly and held my hands infront of me, fiddling with the bracelet on my wrist, ready to jump in, though I really shouldn't. I watched as the hanging change of fate seemed a link shorter. It had already begun. 

"Urahara..." I spoke up to the cheery shop keeper.

"I know, I know. Right then." Kisuke nodded to Tessai and in an instant Ichigo was at the bottom of the shattered shaft, his arms bound by a Kin spell. I peered over the edge as the orange haired boy was illuminated in the green glare of the shaft.

"Ichigo!" I called down out of instinct. His arms bound behind his back, unable to move them, his chain of fate... Another link shorter! No!

"Kurosaki, this test is shattered shaft. Since the moment your chain was severed from your body, it has begun to corrode itself. If it reaches your chest then... You will become a hollow." Ichigo, even from miles down, widened his eyes in horror at Kisuke's words. "I would then have to have Tessai kill you off course." Kisuke tilted his hat down over his face more, and the idling Jinta and Ururu joined me at the edge of the shaft. I knelt there watching as Ichigo began screaming at the corroding links. Eating themselves away. 

"If you manage to escape to the top of this shaft, then you shall be a soul reaper. If not, you die a hollow." Kisuke stepped back from the edge and revealed a round red apple from the flares of fabric and began munching on its crunchy bounty. 


((I wrote too long a chapter D: So its in two parts, sorry! XD BeyondLawliet))

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