Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


5. Rukia's Arrest







I groaned and stretched the kinks out of my stiff body. Fallen asleep on the couch again. I was getting really lazy. I fumbled on the coffee table and caught the vibrating phone. I looked at the caller ID and shot up. Ichigo. I accepted the call with my sleepy finger. 

"Hey." I mumbled a little breathlessly. I hadn't expected him to call me so soon after I'd rung him. I felt like a love struck pup. How pitiful of me. 

"Hi, ermRenoa, we got a problem." My smile disappeared. 

"Whats up?" I said, coming to my feet. 

"It's Rukia, she's missing. I found Kon tied up behind the toilet of all places." I could almost hear the annoyance in his voice. I forced myself to not imagine that scenario. I shuddered and continued. 

"Does he know anything?" But part of me was already coming up with possible answers. 

ANSWER 1: Rukia had gone savage and in an attempt to save himself, Kon tied himself to the back of a toilet. 

No exactly the best idea, but it was Kon we were talking about. 

ANSWER 2: Rukia is out courting some fine soul reaper (Or human, but she doesn't normal go for that type of guy.)

Doesn't explain Kon

Then it has to be answer 3. Though I'd been hoping it wouldn't be. 

Answer 3.

Rukia was issued with a prison sentence from the Soul Society for the giving of her powers to Ichigo

"Dammnit!" I muttered down the phone. 

"Renoa?" Ichigo must have easily caught on that I knew something. 

"Give me 5 minutes." 




After a super quick change of clothes, and a mighty run down to Kurosaki Surgery, I climbed up into Ichigo's room. 

"Hey." He greeted me nonchalantly. Well he seemed calm considering Rukia was missing, Kon had been strapped to a toilet and I had just climbed in through his window. I began pacing his room. Rukia wasn't one to leave without any knowledge of her dismissal. 

"You total dumbass." I muttered over to the bright haired boy. I grasped the paper in my hands that had been left on Ichigo's desk. I ripped it open to find more of the sickening bad doodles Rukia praised herself in doing. 

"Hey! I ain't a dumbass!" Carrot top appeared over my shoulder to read over the note. "Plus it makes no sense." He gestured towards the note in my hands. 

"Must I repeat myself you idiot?" I spun round and slapped him straight in the face. What was I doing? Allowing my spiritual energy to leak that's what. I calmed myself and mumbled a sorry to the stunned Ichigo

"Ow." He muttered under his breath as he rubbed his reddening cheek. 

"SURPRISE ATTACK!" I nearly leap out of my Gigai as Isshin came tumbling in to floor the unsuspecting Ichigo. I froze with the note in my hand and nearly burned up on the spot. Shit. 

"DAD! WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT COMING IN MY ROOM?!" Ichigo punched his father square in the jaw. 

"Hello again, Renoa, nice evening isn't it?" Isshin smiled kindly at me as he regained his posture from the floor. I smiled weakly and sweat dropped on the spot. The jumpy father turned to his panting son and leaped onto him again, sending him back to the floor. "AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH GIRLS IN YOUR ROOM AT THIS HOUR YOUNG MAN?" I bit down harder on my already bleeding lip. Oh no, oh no, how embarrassing.

"SHUT UP DAD!" Ichigo kicked the man to the floor and comically rolled him out of his room. I cringed as he slammed the door shut, afraid it may collapse from it's hinges. I dared to look over my shoulder my eyes wider than usual. 

"THAT ONE WAS ON THE HOUSE!" Isshin shouted through the wood. Ichigo sent his fist into the door and I could almost imagine the bubbly man smiling to himself. What a dysfunctional family. 

"Sorry bout' that..." Ichigo didn't even look at me, and rubbed at his neck again. 

"I'll just forget it ever happened shall I?" 

"Sounds good." I chuckled to myself. 

"Your lucky Ichigo." I said softly as I deciphered the obviously coded message scribbled on the note. "Your father loves you." I smiled up at him as he joined me at the desk. I watched the cogs turn in his brain as he tried to think of something nice to say back to me. His eyes showed he came up blank. I sighed and smiled a little wider. Returning my gaze to Rukia's note. 

"Well..." Ichigo was trying to blag himself some more time for compliments. I found myself locked in his arms once again. I can't lie. It felt amazing. "I love you if that means anything." I felt my eyelashes dancing rapidly, my heart thumping a little faster and my spirit pressure increasing. Did he mean that? "Heck! You could be my best friend, I've barely met you so feel special Kieko." He smiled down at me like a school boy. I smiled, though it was weak and I'm sure my disappointment could be read over my face. What am I on about, I've only got closer to him recently, I can't expect him to feel like I have for the past years. 

"Yeah, erm, well, this, ah, note." I coughed hiding my unhappiness and returning to the topic. 

"Look! It says remove them letters!" Kon appeared on the desk. As I breathed I found myself choking.

"Gah! Uh! Kon!" I shouted, but hushed my voice as I realised how late the night was and aware the occupants of the household may be listening for gossip. 

"Well hello again to you pretty lady! IT'S NOT MY FAULT SHE PUT ME THERE!" Kon argued back, I just pinched my nose dramatically and flicked him away. 

"So you knew Rukia had left?" I questioned, shimmying away from Kon and unfortunately, closer to Ichigo

"What? Oh hell yeah. She taped me there, so she must not want us to get involved." I rolled my eyes. Martyr RukiaKon's plush face dropped open. "That means my beloved Rukia is in trouble! We gotta save her carrot head!" Kon gripped Ichigo's shirt. 

"Get off me, Kon!" Ichigo battered the teddy away, but soon went after him again, shoving his hand down the squealing lions mouth. 

"Ew. Your really gonna eat it in his condition?" I made a cringing face. But was brought back to shock as a familiar voice arose amongst the babble. 

"Need a hand?" The shop keeper sat casually with his baggy clothes and clogs, accompanied by that ghastly green and white striped hat. 

"Kisuke Urahara. It's been a while." I said smugly, crossing my arms. 

"Hi there Renoa. Still living the legend?" He mocked. I felt my face boil. 

"Don't you dare start!" I came to my feet and was about the shove him off the ledge when Ichigo spoke up.

"You know Mr Hat and Clogs?" He turned to me wide eyed. 

"Huh. Unfortunately." I smirked at the shady character as he pointed his walking stick like thing towards Ichigo. In an instant the wood, marked with the same skull as Rukia's glove, was smashed into Ichigo's forehead, causing him to split from his human body. I twisted the bracelet and breathed in my true form. 

"Well look at you. Thought you'd given that up." Urahara's dulled voice rung through the room. He was about to leave when he turned back to me. "Nice hair." He narrowed my eyes but dismissed it. My hair was yet more orange than before. It had seemed to start climbing upwards. This isn't good. I snatched Ichigo's hand and pulled him out of the now open window. 

"C'mon, we got a Gigai to find."






"Renji Abari you slimy red snake." I taunted as I stood before the battered Uryu, who had stupidly taken on the two soul reapers, with my zanpakuto drawn and ready. Renji smiled slyly. 

"It's been a while Renoa." He hung his own sword over his shoulder casually. 

"Everyone says the exact same thing." I muttered with a smile. 

"Enough." Renji brought his zanpakuto swinging through the air towards me, I dodged it effortlessly but that left Ichigo in it's wake. His giant zanpakuto defended the blow of the simple sword. I prayed he wouldn't release it to it's true extent. 

"Guh!" Ichigo grunted under the force of the blow, sending Renji's weapon back with it's holder. 

"Nice one." I called breathlessly. 

"Let's not celebrate yet." He said, breathless himself. He raised his heavy looking sword over his shoulder, high, leaving him open to attack and rushed at the red head. I took in how silent and simple Byakuya was being, withdrawn and hidden in the shadows, as usual. He nodded to me slightly as we both watched Ichigo rush Renji. I nodded back briefly and turned to Rukia who was cowering back in her weak Gigai

"Why did you come Renoa? You'll get yourselves killed." I laughed a little annoyed. 

"Shouldn't have been such a good friend and crappy note writer." I smiled over my shoulder at her as I ran off to help Ichigo, who came crashing to the ground. 

"Your zanpakuto lies about your ability. Your nothing but a rookie." Renji mocked as he ascended on Ichigo, releasing his zanpakuto for showing reasons alone. Renji enjoyed showing who's boss. I rushed in and deflected the blow as Zabimaru crashed into Shinju. I grunted under the immense weight of his sword, and pushed further. Ichigo was trembling as he tried to regain his feet. I quickly shot a hand down to the boy and pulled him up. He shakily wiped blood from his face and grabbed his zanpakuto.

"Release it!" I shouted over to him as I defended yet another blow from Zabimaru and Renji combined.

"What do you mean release it?" He shouted back confused.

"HAHA! Idiot doesn't even know his zanpakuto's name! Why waste yourself over this scrap of a man RenoaRukia you were so unwise to invest your powers in this fool!" Renji knocked my feet from beneath me with a swipe of his sword, causing me to slip to the ground with a thud. I screamed at the pain in my lower leg as it bled from the blow. I snapped my head up as silence came from the brawling two.


I sat with wide eyes, ignoring the pain as Zabimaru ripped through Ichigo's shoulder. Each layer of the zanpakuto ripping through his flesh. The shocked boy dropped his zanpakuto and fell to the floor.

"Dammnit." He muttered as blood stained his shihakushoRenji smiled and stood over the convulsing body.

"As if this was the reaper who injured Menos Grande! Our spies must be lacking Captain." Renji smiled mockingly over at the quiet Captain who continued to observe. I saw his face harden and returned to RenjiRukia was stood between him and Ichigo, stopping the final blow. 

"Stop! Ichigo! Run!" Rukia cried at the injured reaper as he came to his feet once more. 

"No." He stated darkly and twisted the enormous zanpakuto in his hand. Rukia was gasping for breath as her weakened Gigai was wrought with emotions. Renji ignored the stumbling substitute before him and turned to me. I hastily clambered to my feet, ignoring the surge of pain in my bloody leg. I grimaced and stood straight. Shinju loyally waiting in my hands. 

"So Renoa. You gunna' ask for his help today?" He stepped closer and I felt my eye twitch a little. "Yes, yes, the girl of legend. Will he come for you? Will he kill me? Ha! Will he save you when I cut you to pieces!?" He yelled as he whipped Zabimaru towards me. I growled as he spoke of him and sent the unreleased Shinju into the attack, my whole body behind the action, I landed gracefully before the stumbling Ichigo as a cut appeared on Renji's chin. Renji's eyes widened in shock, and rubbed at the wound as it began to bleed.

"That's it." Ichigo grunted rasping and pressed on his bleeding shoulder. " My turn." A devilish voice seeped into his words. I was knocked off my feet as a massive surge of energy erupted from Ichigo. His sword laid neatly over his shoulders, his shihakusho flapping in the gusts of air produced by his power. I sat there, in shock as Ichigo rushed Renji, and after a couple of blows, defeated the reaper. Renji fell, stunnned by the human before him, lay there in awe. I came to my feet again and stood beside Ichigo as I saw Byakuya slip from the shadows. But we had no chance. Without even seeing the release of his zanpakutoIchigo was slashed to the ground with a fatal blow. I gasped, leaving myself open for the next attack. I held Shinju up in defense, but was struck down by my hesitance. I lay on my back, Shinju knocked from my hands. Ichigo was face down, bleeding heavily. He didn't even look up at me. 

"IchigoIchigo!" I called helplessly, reaching for my blade, but was stopped as a foot crushed my wrist. "Ah!" I cried as pain hit me. I might as well have broken it. 

"May the girl of legend rest in peace." The Captain said spitefully as he raised his zanpakuto above me. I closed my eyes and awaited the blow. 

"No!" Ichigo's cracked voice rung out as the blade pierced my skin. I convulsed with the blow, leaning towards the sword as the blood poured from the deep wound. 

"What lowly man would strike a unarmed woman?" A voice, calm, almost bored in emotion seeped into the darkness. "Pitiful creation." It stated, before slamming the Captain to the ground. I saw only in my blurred vision as Byakuya hit the ground, immediately regaining his feet. "Something's wrong." the voice the continued, it's silky lure making me feel drunk. "Something's not the same." He said, before I felt the immense spiritual pressure being released, and I knew he had left. I forced my bleeding body to come to it's knees. 

"I'm pitiful?" Byakuya scorned. "It's pitiful that a soul reaper of such a calibre should rely on her mate for protection." 

"I don't!" I screamed, rushing towards the Captain with no weapon. I'm an idiot. Byakuya simply cut me again and lumped me over with Ichigo. I braced for the ground and held my bleeding stomach as I lolled beside the orange haired human. I clutched his wounded body, ignoring my own injuries as Rukia defended us. 

"Come brother. Let us go." Ichigo reached out towards her, making our blood pool more so. I grimaced as I held on tighter to his struggling body. "If you follow me Ichigo I will never forgive you!" Rukia snaps coldly down at the boy in my arms. Tears ready in her Gigai's eyes. "Your going to die anyway, so why not stay put and live a few seconds longer?" Rukia's cold voice softened slightly as she left us on the ground, accepting her arrest. I was about to stop her, when I blacked out from blood loss. 


((A/N: Holy cow these chapters are long o_o I just love writing them!:D Tell me what you think guys! It means a lot!! BeyondLawliet))



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