Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


9. Once Again

A/N: Hello again fans! It sure has been a while on this story!!
So, essentially, I realized just how long Bleach is, and the many plot twists along the way, and after just finishing the Ulquiorra stuff, I believe I need to skip some of the irrelevant episodes I've been set to write about and get to the actual story for this piece. Uh. So, excuse how extremely unprofessional, and extremely awkward sounding the beginning of this chapter may seem, but I'm pretty sure it'll be more than worth it for us to actually reach some juicy story eh? Ok. Deal. 

Anyways, enjoy!~






~ Many Years Later~



I yawned. Life was getting pretty boring, I can't lie about that. Ever since Rukia's return and the obliteration of the Bount's on Ichigo's part, life had ceased to hold any... Fight. 

Of course, though I had no parents to order me to do so, I was back in school. Supposedly, this would help us feel more 'normal' again. The Soul Society sure is troublesome. I'm more than aware that every foe/friend I faced just couldn't resist digging up some more of my past. I fear the day I'm buried, I might end up being dug up multiple times. Luckily, my fellow human/ shinigami friends hadn't caught on enough to question me. So that's good.

Oh yeah, did I mention? My other friends had come to join us also.


"Renoaaaaaaaaaaaa-!" I slammed my palm into Renji's face accordingly as he mocked me sitting alone at my desk. Quite honestly, I hadn't completely given his ass for what he did to me and Ichigo. And causing him to show up again. Boy am I glad that hadn't occurred again. In fact, I had done really rather well in forgetting he ever existed. Which is what he did far in advance to me... A well... I stared at the single devilish green tip that hung to my right down my shoulder. My hair had grown even more so, and now flowed down to the middle of my back. The deep ebony full of orange tips. Gah.

"Shut up." I came to my feet, my palm which enclosed the sweaty cheek of Renji into the desk beside my own. He grumbled to himself and made a fuss of rubbing at his sore cheek as I gracefully exited the classroom. The wind fluttered around my clothes and filtered through my loose hair. I looked up to the faces of the humans in the school. I ignored the spiteful glances and any of admiration, as I stormed on through. As I began to turn out onto the courtyard I caught glimpse of a pale boy with pitch black hair. Acting more on instinct and aching heart, I turned on my heels and grabbed the collar of the uniform he wore. The face that met mine changed completely and shame spilled over my features. 

"Renoa." Toshiro stood before me. His piercing blue eyes bore into me as I released his shirt from my grip. His messy spiked snow white hair made me want to hit myself for my stupidity. 

"Forgive me Captain." I nodded down to him and sprinted away. "How embarrassing.." I muttered to myself as my breathing began to hitch a little at the pressure I was putting on my Gigai. Stopping outside the tree I had calmed under multiple times. I smiled at the prospect of how innocent we used to be. Before I had got involved, Ichigo had no blood on his hands... Essentially. Maybe I was just cursed. 

I spun on the ball of my foot as a deep sigh escaped my chapped lips only to come smack bang into Ichigo Kurosaki's chest. 

"Woah there girl!" My grumbles were muffled by his chest. He held me at arms length by my shoulders as I pouted at him. "You okay?" His brows furrowed slightly on his forehead and a glint of worry glazed over his eyes. I forced myself to smile and nodded. 

"Of course Ichi!" I replied with fake cheer. He didn't appear convinced by my acting skills, but it'll have to do. As long as he doesn't-

"By the way, what is this whole thing circling you? It's been bugging me... No one I've met has exempted it from speaking with us. I want to know Renoa... Let me help you." He smiled gently over at me and placed a hand in his trouser pocket, reaching up with his other hand to scratch the back of his neck. I bit at my lip out of anxiety and my arms pulled inwards, my cold, pale fingers fiddling between themselves. 

"It's nothing, don't worry about it." I smiled up at him and he sighed, annoyance clear in his voice.

"I hate it when you do that." Dark amber eyes looked up and down my body and I felt my cheeks reddening as I burned on the spot.

"H-hate me?" I stuttered, my lip falling from my teeth.

"When you do that... Claim nothing is wrong so I'll forget about it. So you'll continue to fight alone." I gasped and my hair fell over my face as I scowled at my feet. 

"Ichigo." The spiteful tone of my voice was uncalled for. I resented myself for it immediately. 

"Rely on me Renoa, that's what I've trained to do. I'm strong enough-"

"You don't understand Ichigo!" My fists clenched at my sides as I unwillingly threw myself into defensive. 

Stop. Renoa, don't go there.

"You aren't strong enough Ichigo." I continued, turning away from him as my heart and mind fought against each other. "There's people out there that can and will kill you." I faced him again, a few rebellious tears escaped the edges of my eyes, and began to stream down my cheeks. "You can't protect me."

"Renoa-" I cut him off.

"No. Let me protect you Ichigo Kurosaki." I flipped my hair aside as I walked away from him. I felt the build up of my anger releasing my spiritual pressure. It warned the orange haired boy to let me win. 






Spiritual pressure was spewing from the park and it itched at my insides. But I couldn't go there. Why? Because Ichigo Kurosaki and troublesome Orihime were there. I'm pretty sure I could sense a little of Chad's spiritual pressure within the mix also. 

Yet it would seem all of their pitiful power was being masked by this greater pressure. It had hit me the minute it had arrived and I don't know how much longer I could go avoiding Ichigo. My foot began to tap violently as my mind became impatient and forced my body to keep it occupied. I huffed a sigh and suddenly stopped. I took a glance towards the window and day dreamed aimlessly.

Could it be..?


My head snapped round to meet the bland blue eyes of the small Captain sat behind me. My eyes wide and scary as my suspicions began to become reality. 

"No... No.. Why.. Why didn't you tell me?" My mouth fell slightly at the dishonesty of my trusted Captain and friend.

"Because of this exact reaction. We didn't want you running off and ruining our plans. We must stop Aizen, he must pay." Toshiro said with no emotion. My right eye twitched at the mention of the former Captain's name. Remembering how traitorous Aizen-sama had been in abandoning his squad and all of the Soul Society in order to reach his own selfish goals. I spat on the floor as my anger boiled. It was then that the tutor noticed me. I rose to my feet, the chair crashing to the floor. My eyes shrouded as I hung my head slightly and slowly began to pace towards the front. The memories and lies from the untrustworthy dishonesty I had become subject to buzzing through my ears. The buzzing ceased as I reached the open door. I peered over my shoulder at the protests, the deathly gaze that filled my cold eyes directed upon the human male. 

"I'll be leaving now." I stated simply, my words oozing confidence. I gave one last hard glare in Toshiro's direction, before flipping my hair back with a turn and running out of the class and out towards where I needed to be.






I reached the park in a huff, my inadequate Gigai gasping for air to fill my tortured lungs. I panted and coughed at the sharp air that filled me, clutching to the valuable air before it was hit from me. The pressure from the energy close by weighed down heavy on my shoulders. I gritted my teeth and stood proud in the entrance. My pride was soon knocked from me, as was I from my feet, as the ground trembled and my body was set into the air. 

I landed with a thump as the tremors of clashing swords rung throughout the park. I rubbed at my chin and forced my weak Gigai to it's feet. 

"C'mon Renoa. We can do it." I gulped down my words and pushed my body on towards the clearing.


Upon reaching the clearing, the pressure only increased. I stood in awe at the scene before me, the large crater in the beautiful clearing, the depths of which holding the most energy. My eyes scanned over the fresh green present everywhere, to find the whimpering whines of Orihime on the ground, desperately trying to aid the bloodied body of Sado. I grunted at my dislike of her and turned my attention elsewhere. Centre stage was Ichigo. The tight black shihakusho of his Bankai release, the frayed torn edges at his feet showed the red lining within. His face remained emotionless as he blocked the giant fist of the Arrancar with his slim black released Zanpakuto. His cool remained as the large boastful Arrancar-

It's Yammy....

My eyes blinked wide in realization as I recognized the Espada before me. It was in that single moment that it hit me. I felt like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming bus. I was over, I was done, there is no escape from the inevitable. 

If Yammy's here then so must...

My body stiffened as I began to shakily turn towards the crater. The shake spread over my lips causing my hitched sob like breaths to become more audible. I gripped at my chest, my knees buckling underneath me, causing me to fall to them, as my eyes laid sight on him. Stood calmly in the centre of the crater with his hands slung into the ghastly white of the cloths at his hips. His deep emerald eyes, bored and filled with cold hate on his bone pale face, the only colour, minus the devilish green tear stains marking his cheeks. Black strands of hair fell over his face and messily to just before his shoulders, half his head covered by the half of his hollow helmet. My breathing quickened, I began hyperventilating, as my eyes were pulled away. 

I reached over for the blue bracelet adorning my slim pale wrist, when I deliberated with myself. Watery eyes shot up to Ichigo. He seemed to be holding his own against Yammy... He didn't need my help. 

I shook my head and closed my eyes as I racked at my brain for a decision. 

If I act in bravery, I will undoubtedly be seen by him. 

I pondered slightly... Surely he could feel my presence... But then, I had been blind to his until I had laid sight on him personally. Perhaps it's still the same. 

Don't change form.

Ichigo took a direct hit from Yammy and tumbled backward, still holding the sword firmly in his hands.

Don't give in.

"Ichigo!" My blurred gaze shot over to Orihime as she yelped over to Ichigo.

"I must..." I stuttered slightly.

"Orhime stay back!" Ichigo called out of pure heroism.

"Save my friends!" I shouted. My determination forced my body to rise up once more. The Gigai gave up as I twisted the bracelet and the wind whipped around me, creating a small gust of dust in my wake.

"Renoa!" Ichigo's desperate voice called up to me as I appeared by his side in the blink of an eye.

"You called." I nodded at him before staring up at Yammy. The big bastard stood over me, casting a shadow to darken upon the ground, engulfing where I stood.

I dared to glance over at Ulquiorra as I had appeared rather rash. The callous facade he had pinned up over his features broke slightly as his slated pupils widened and the boredom seemed cured slightly by my appearance. I scrunched up my face and jumped in the air. Yammy stupidly followed my movements and caused himself to stare into the sunlight. He groaned at the brightness as I fell through the suns rays head first. I hit Yammy with my gained speed, hand first. My palm barely fitting a small space on his large face. As I brought my palm down on the big idiot, my eyes shot over at the bystander in the crater. I sent him the same bored look he had been wearing for years. His eyes seemed to darken, if only slightly, as I gave no emotion upon my victory.

My whole body pushed Yammy into the ground, the dirt and uprooted grass flying out to the sides in large mounds. I stood aloft the Espada's body, crippled into the ground. Ichigo's face stared in disbelief as he clutched at his sword. 

"You... You didn't even draw your Zanpakuto.." He stammered, shame filtering over his angry eyes. Looking away from me he brought his sword to rest, the tip supported on the ground. "Surely there is more... You quite ones always hide more." He stared at his Zanpakuto. I sighed, but kept control over my spirit energy as always. I haven't shown anyone my full power. Not even him. Him, over there. I flicked my hair back so I could gaze over at the quiet Espada behind us. He remained as always. The calm attitude held by his stance. 

"So you're still alive..." His dragged silky tone was filled with boredom. He was uninterested.

"You should know." I said with spite, dagger like were the words that rolled off of my tongue. Ichigo became active again as he found himself another opponent to win against. I scowled at Ichigo as he raised his sword to Ulquiorra

"You. You're next." He growled though his clenched teeth. 

"No." I stated, I laced my words with a familiar boredom presented from the Espada walking towards us. Ichigo snapped up to me, his sword clumsily rattling in his hand. 

"What do you mean 'no'?!" He roared over at me. I stared at him with disgust, my lips pursing as I thought of hitting him in Ulquiorra's presence. My eye twitched again as Ichigo tried to flashstep towards the oncoming Ulquiorra. I appeared before him and latched onto his wrist. Ichigo's shocked body continued onward, his sword raised high and frozen in the air by my intervention. I stared at him with cold eyes as he began to come to a stop. 

"I mean... No." I upheld the unamused act, though my body was close to shattering into a million pieces.  He was right behind me. He was still there, after all this time. 

And he still didn't care.

I slammed Ichigo's body forward in my anger. I stepped back from him as I trembled at the breaking of my mask. My act faltering in the moment. My fists clenched, the skin pulled over my knuckles whitening further than my pale complexion. 

"You are broken child." A dead, slim hand touched my forehead from behind and my breathing ceased. The hand pressed on my burning skin and pushed me back. "Kneel." I did as I was commanded instinctively. I lowered my spiritual pressure under his gaze and felt his dead, emerald orbs burning into my head as his hand fell from my face. I knelt there, at his feet, not looking at him. Only forward at Orihime and the defeated body. She was panicking and I couldn't blame her. I was panicked, only, I was hurt more. 

"U-Ulquiorra." I stammered, needing only to hear his careless voice over and over again. My withdrawal being tainted with a sweet treat. 

"It has been a while... My Renoa." His unamused monotone pierced through my struggling heart. Yes. That's right. I am his. His alone. A tear escaped my eyes as a weak smile appeared over my lips. 
"I hate your hair." He stated. His hand was suddenly gripping the back of my head and forcing me up once again. I stumbled back as I was planted on my feet abruptly. 

"Uh!" I yelped as my arms flailed around me. Ulquiorra's long fingers clutched my face with one hand. He brought me close to his face so my watering eyes were made to look deeply in his. 

"Think only of me." He compelled me with his voice and I tried to nod against his hold, but only cried fresh warm tears. His eyes dashed down to the tips of my hair, which were slowly fading back to the deep green that matched his eyes exactly. 

"Forgive me.. Ulquiorra... Liar." I regained some sense and stepped out of his clutch, Ichigo's voice rising between us. 

"Get away from her!" He called as he regained his feet. Ulquiorra looked over at him with no want to fight him. 

"You're but mere trash. Aizen does not need you." His eyes slipped back to focus on me. I rubbed at my mouth with the back of my hand. "I said I'd return. I told you. I do not lie." Ulquiorra returned to Yammy's body only to watch the colossal man rise up again. "Yammy."

"ULQUIORRA!" The man bellowed from his height. "I'LL KILL IT MYSELF!" Ulquiorra did not stop him nor lecture the brute like Espada. He knew it was pointless. Ichigo reacted immediately, knocking me away from the blast and defending it with Zangetsu

"Ichigo you damn fool!" I yelled trying to clamber to my feet. No sooner had I regained my stance, had Ichigo slung his slim black sword over Yammy's arm, severing it completely. My eyes danced with shock as I watched the heavy limb fall to the floor. Yammy's beast like roar of pain almost made my ears bleed. I glanced at Ichigo, a triumphant smirk on his face.
He was so blinded by his small and minor victory that he missed the fatal blow delivered by the monster Arrancar. It shattered his bones as the human shinigami was crushed under the fist of Yammy Llargo. Coughing up blood, Ichigo lay defenseless. Now was when I should attack. Now Renoa. Now-

Don't you dare.

Huh? My eyes flickered to the bored Ulquiorra

You are owned by no other. Do as I wish of you. 

stifled tears as I watched in pain as Yammy sent another blow down on Ichigo's body. I bit down hard on my lip and let the blood bead on my plump lower lip as a release. Air gushed around me as the pressure of Urahara and Yoruichi engulfed the clearing. The slim, cat like female set to work taunting Yammy, whilst Urahara deflected the powerful cero he was creating. I shot a glance at Ulquiorra, slightly intrigued by the small surprise I found on his face. 

Yammy stumbled back, each sluggish footstep causing a small tremor over the park. He joined Ulquiorra, his arm dumped lazily in the crater. 

"I'LL TAKE YOU BOTH, MAGGOTS!" Yammy grinned with anticipation, his body beginning to lean forward. I held my composure as Ulquiorra's small hand sent a blow into Yammy's stomach, causing the giant to fall back yet even further. 

"Enough." He spat and ripped open a Garganta. I stepped towards him once again, not wanting to loose him to the black abyss once more. Not again. 

"Hmph. Are you retreating Arrancars?" Yoruichi teased, her body tense and ready to fight. I suppose it had been a while. Ulquiorra simple glanced over his shoulder, not holding much interested in any of us. 

"How foolish of you. If you were to fight us, whilst protecting all those present, it is clear which of us would emerge victorious." 

And with that, his slim body slipped through the darkness again, his body morphed by the sickening black hole he was swallowed up into, Yammy following in his deadly footsteps. 

Not again.

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