Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


10. Needless Guilt

Why are you crying?

I sat on the floor, my knees buckled underneath me. Tears were dripping silently over my cheeks and my lips parted, quivering, unable to hold themselves sealed. Small, hiccup like sobs thrashed at my chest and quietly escaped. 

Look at you, you're a mess.

I sniffled briefly and looked down at my hands, which were formed as fists in my hands. The tears fell from my face on dampened my dull school skirt, I sniffled once again, trying to regain some strength, but it was all gone. Every last drop had been sapped from my body. What do I do now?

"Renoa!" I could hear someone. I'm pretty sure it was my name they were calling... Why do they want me? What now? Whatever more must I continue to face?

"Renoa! Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" 


Did he hurt you....

I bit into the fleshy webbing of my hand and shook away the trembles, causing my loose salty tears to shake away into the evening. My free hand gripped at the edge of my skirt as my vision narrowed and blurred further. 

"Renoa?" My neck snapped up to meet the worried glare of my friend towering over me. Ichigo still stood in his bankai form, his hand placed heavily on my shoulder, watching me with his deep, caring eyes. 

"Ichigo.." I mumbled, my voice broken in my throat. "I'm fine." I coughed out and shakily came to my feet. I inspected my weak Gigai's body and fumbled with the beads on my wrist. 

I'm so weak. No wonder...

"Renoa! Let me help-" Orihime came bounding but I had no time for trivial matters. I simply pushed her curvy frame away and began walking home. I need to go home. 

"Stop right there." The sly smirk of the shop keeper Urahara could be felt in his words. 

"What  is it?" I asked him with cold words. My eyes lazily locked with his frame over my shoulder. 

"Aren't you going to help clear some of this up? Eh?" I dropped eye contact and faced away from them all. No. No, I won't help them. They're not important no more. I don't need friends.

I don't need friends...

"Aww c'mon Renoa!" A pair of warm, bruised arms encircled my petite waist, holstering me from the ground on which I stood. 

"Guh!" I cried out of mere instinct, as Ichigo lifted me over his shoulder, a beaming smile passing his lips. I sighed and relaxed over his shoulder as his bankai release returned from whence it came. 

I don't need friends... But I want them.

I closed my eyes in thought and watched as my deep green locks swayed past my face with every large step Ichigo took. Playing with the painful memories attached to them, I accepted that my fate had changed yet again.

You came back. You came back to me. 

All I could think of as my tired body laid to rest over Ichigo's shoulder, was the moment when Uquiorra's hand had held my weak forehead so dearly. 

He came back.









My eyes fluttered open, my sweet repetitive memory of a dream shattered by the bellowing laughs of Ichigo Kurosaki. I looked up towards the stubborn ginger that I happened to be laid in the lap of. He smiled down at me as he acknowledged my awakening. I smiled back gently, but only because it was the natural thing to do. In all honesty, I wasn't over my encounter. My one goal, had escaped me.

Once again.

"Good afternoon ma'am!" I shuffled awkwardly and sat up with my hand pressed against my forehead. 

"Hm..?" I questioned and closed my eyes, not yet accustomed to light. Laughs erupted gently from every person in the room. Obviously I was missing the pun. 

"Did you sleep well? Oh well, of course you did." Raising an eyebrow in confusion, I dropped my hand from my face and glared at each of the members I knew so well. All sat around the table in Urahara's modest shop. My eyes lingered over them all and each of their weak smiles. Some weaker than others, however, it would seem no one could bash Ichigo's happiness. His smile held me the longest. I simply stared at how joyful he was this morning.. Or afternoon.

"How long...?" I directed the question at the pesky shop keeper, but my eyes sidetracked to Sado momentarily and noticed his wounds completely healed. 

"Couple of days... Not long." He answered with a flick of his fan.

"Liar! She hit it for ages! We got worried." Ichigo turned to me with a sad smile. Orihime caught my eye from her corner. She had been quiet since I'd awoke. Something wasn't right. "Some of us have been to the Soul Society and back since!" He chuckled gesturing to Orihime in particular as if it meant nothing, but the scary glaze over her eyes caused me to inquire deeper.

"Oh really? How troublesome of me." I poured myself a cup of the steaming liquid being shared, hoping it to be some calming herbal tea. I was correct. "I apologize for my lack of attendance." I took a long slurp from the cup and sighed happily with the warmth that entered my system. 

I brought the cup to my lips again and stared into Orihime as I did so. What is she keeping now? I took another gulp and finished the contents. 

"I best get to work swiftly then." I looked down with a small smile and then made eye contact with each of the members present. When I reached Orihime I sent her an intensified version of my smile and she watered slightly. She quickly made herself look busy and stated her departure. I bit on the inside of my lip and followed Ichigo as he turned to leave also.

What have I done now?






"Hey Orihime!" I called cheerily, waving for effect as I caught up with the girl I had envied greatly for countless years. I hated school mornings, so I guess a few days of total sleep could change people.

"Oh, Renoa, ohio!" She called back and waited patiently for me to catch up. She smiled as sweetly as ever and I returned to the best of my abilities. "Are you okay now?"

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm a fighter!" I stuck my tongue out playfully and nudged her shoulder. She giggled and if I wasn't a trained shinigami, I would have missed the sad look that was held in her eyes. "Are you okay?" I know the question was general and I didn't expect no answer from it.

"Of course. I just have something to do, to help my friends." Her eyes closed as she sighed happily. My, everyone is such a martyr here. 

"I understand." I retorted, resisting the urge to dig deeper.

"You do?" She turned sharply on me and watched me intently. 

"I suppose I do..." I trailed off and memories caused me to shake my head. As if I could shake away all the pain I'd felt. I smiled up at her again and felt like I was really getting the hang of natural smiles. "It'll be okay, I promise. No matter what, I won't stop fighting." I carried on walking and she followed, waiting for further words. "Ichigo won't stop, non of us will. So don't stop fighting for what you care about, okay?" I sent her a soft glare as she processed my words. I believe this is the most I've ever said to the ginger girl. 

"Understood." She stopped before the school gates and looked me in the eyes. Tears formed at the edges of her eyes just as she pulled me into a tight hug. "I won't give up. I promise you that Renoa." She sobbed silently. I patted her back, awkwardly aware of the stares we were getting. "Sorry." She stated before running into the school wiping away her tears.

So was that a success of a failure?






After observing the usually bubbly chick all day, I had concluded that she was not the same. But that was obvious, at least to me at least. I followed her home, secretly pacing her usual walk home, just a few meters behind. She was so unaware of my tags on her that it seemed like she was a robot. Could she really not see me? I came to a halt as she unlocked her house door and stepped inside, lights flickering to life as she became accustomed to her home. I sat against the back of a cold neighbouring wall and waited. For what, I may not be sure, but I still did. 

Not long after entering, did the young girl leave. I was glad I stayed and had not left earlier. She locked up the house again, with nothing in her arms. No bag, nothing. Just simply a cardigan over her slim frame. I eyed up her shaky moves as she headed back up the street. I continued to follow, using the night's chilling darkness as my shield. I hid in the shadows and followed her every move. 

This really wasn't right. 

She came to a stop outside Ichigo's house and my brows furrowed in confusion. What's going on here? I played with my hair as the tension began to rise when she slipped through the wall without a single fuss. My dancing fingers froze and my eyes widened further. Through the wall. How? My face hardened and my breathing regained its usual pace. This is the strangest thing I'd ever seen. Orihime, the low class healing mage just passed through a wall. Taking the silence as an opportunity, I slipped in closer and tried to gain a better view from the Kurosaki's fencing. Reaching up on my tip toes, I managed to look into what I remembered to be Ichigo's room, the curtains lazily left half open. What am I doing here, this is just so strange...

I caught a glimpse of the long flowing red locks of Orihime's hair and the way she leaned in closer. I looked away, my chest hurting from the guilt that pierced through me. Was I intruding on a moment? Was this just plain rude? I closed my eyes and fear fueled me to run away. My steps were fast and heavy, my thoughts navigating me as I analyzed every memory I owned. Am I just in the way? Am I the problem? I shook my head and swayed slightly, causing me to stop. I looked over my shoulder, before looking up at the glow of the moon. Its face looked back at me with a soothing glow that encompassed everything it touched. I took another deep breath and pressed on, I just wanted to go back to my lonely home. 

Does anyone actually care?

I wiped away at my cold face, the air nipping at my cheeks and my exposed skin. This was a bad idea. Why was I always looking out for others?

I continued to run home out of my own guilt. My own well being fueling my escape, but had I known what happened next, I could have been able to prevent all the heartache that was yet to come.
All the heartache for us all...




((A/N: Oh my, sorry for the slow updates! I suck recently :( Okay, so I know this short filler chapter isn't that good, but I'm getting there okay. Bare with me guys))

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