Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


1. It's You?






((A/N: HI GUYS! I'm back xD Miss me? Anyways, after becoming obsessed with the anime; Bleach it boggled my mind to force myself to write out some dreamish story about the characters ^_^

Okay, so get that I haven't got very far in the episodes as of present and so, am going a little on initiative... But I have a few cool ideas for the story that I know for a fact aren't a part of the actual manga or anime. I SUGGEST YOU WATCH IT!:D hehe.

Thanks to AskTheAngels this story has been created! So check her out:) She's an amazing writer! 

Anyways, here we go... You ready?))


~Some many years ago~


"Rukia! Rukia Kuchiki! I mean it! Wait!" I yelled after the darl haired shinigami that ran ahead in effortless speed. "Dammnit Rukia!" I called before pushing myself into a sprint and sending myself onto the unsuspecting soul reaper. 

"Gah!" She yelped with surprise as I sent both of us crashing to the ground. I began laughing, and soon she joined in. 

"Immature reapers. I wonder how she can be of that legend." I heard some distant reaper muttering. I looked down, playing aimlessly with the warm green grass. "Pitiful." The man said again, his voice closer, he was right behind me. A sickening laugh of his follower racked through my ears. Rukia looked over at the two with disgust, but we were both in a position that we knew we couldn't fight back. "Whatcha gunna' do Reona? You gunna' call out for your hero to save you?" He laughed menacingly and I hung my head lower. The lowly soul reaper grasped my free locks and yanked my head up, exposing my neck. He ran his Zanpakuto((Cant put accent on:/)) along my pale skin. 

"Call for him! Do it!" He laughed  again and his friend was bellowing some lower notes of hysteria. Rukia came to her feet, the young reaper watched with scared eyes. I peered down at the tips of my locks, already beginning to turn a devilish green as I thought of him.

No! Don't! I pleaded with myself. Then a blast of the same devilish green that tinted my long hair shot amongst the four of us, making it five. I hung my head and dared not to look as the taunting soul reaper's lives were taken from them. A gust of air made my green tipped hair whip furiously around my face. I could hear the whimpers of my troubled shinigami friend as she cowered at the bloody sight she had just witnessed. I watched as his light feet turned towards the shaken girl, I heard a small cry of fear slip past her lips and I knew the situation before me. I rose to my feet in a flash and stood as a barrier before her and him. He stared at me with his eyes, an air of unamusement layered over his deathly features. He slipped his agile and loyal Zanpakuto back into it's holster. His boney pale fingers reached my face and he stroked my blushing red cheek.

"I'll come back for you." He whispered. "I promise."




~Present Time~



I looked up at the reddening sky, finding it's irregular beauty to much of a painful reminder. But then, most things did. I sighed, and looked around me. Something I did often. But once again, he wasn't there. 

"You lied." I whispered into the morning light. I fiddled with the items in my bag, bracing myself mentally for another day in a hell hole. "Forget the underworld, this human school life is more than I could have ever prepared for." I slapped the back of my hand. "Stupid. No more talk of that life. Let it go." I sighed again, trying to relieve the heaviness that hung around me. 

"Morning!" An overly cheery soul popped through my floor boards. I rubbed at my sleepy face. 

"Go away." I said coldly. 

"Honestly, the human race these days. C'mon cutie, I got no one else to talk to, not many can see me!" He folded his partially see through arms over his chest, rattling the shortening chain of fate that hung from where his heart should be. 

"For one, don't ever call me cutie again. And second? Go find a reaper and move on." He smiled.

"I'm here aren't I?" I flung my bag at him and watched as it passed through him. He was becoming a permanent cling on, something I hated to have. This guy was a nuisance, but he... He was different. I shook my head. 

"Not me bucko." I walked through him and retrieved my bag. I slipped into the bathroom with it over my already clothed shoulder, to freshen up. Until this cling on left, I wasn't getting changed whilst I knew he could be watching. It had to be all secretive. He was still sulking when I came out of the bathroom. "Shoo already!" I rolled my eyes at his annoyance. 

"Fine! Ungrateful reapers." He yelled, muttering something else, probably a supposedly hurtful cuss as he slipped away through the walls.

"That was easy." I mumbled before locking the flat door behind me. I was all alone, no family... Nothing. I popped the key into my blazer pocket and adjusted the height of my skirt before begining the walk.


I used to be so weak. A pitiful reaper. 


Now I was strong. 


Shame I'm now a human.

No shame, this is everything we could hope for.... I smiled to myself as I trod along the lakeside. I watched the waves clatter over each other, so calm and peaceful at its present moment. I adjusted my bag that dug into the skin on my shoulder and tried not to trip over my own feet, placed neatly into a pair of black ballerina type pumps, which were covered in small spikes. Y'know what they're good for. I skipped a little, then stopped and returned to a normal walk as I neared the school gates. I was about to enter the very gates of hell. 

I slipped in, with my head down, only to snap it back up as the presence of a massive spiritual energy hit me. I gripped at my chest as it ripped through me.

"What...?" I looked around wide eyed at the staring people. 

"What is she doing?"

"I hope she's having a heart attack! Aha! Stupid bitch!" I ignored the common comments and set out into a run. I ran, fastest I could in my human form and tried to pin point the surge. I rounded a corner and bumped into the chest of a tall boy.

"Gah! Hey! Watch where.... Your..." I trailed off as I looked up at the towering figure from where I resided on the floor. 

"Hey, watch it." I grumbled, a hand left his trouser pocket to aid me. A smile wasn't present on his face, if anything, he looked bored.

"Ichigo..." I mumbled. "Kurosaki..." He raised an orange eyebrow at me.


"S-sorry!" I began stammering. I clutched my bag and felt the surge hit me again. "Gah!" It was really close this time. I looked around panicked, forgetting my class hottie was stood gawking at me like I was rubbish on his shoes. I looked over at a soul, though, I thought it was just a pale student. "Is it him?" I pointed, not aware that Ichigo was following my finger.

"The guy in the red cap?" He questioned. I shook my head. 

"No, him with the yellow shirt..." I stopped and stared wide eyed as I realised the man was a soul. I clasped a hand over my mouth, but Ichigo just bit his lip and shook his head. Could he see him? Of couse not idiot.

"What? Is that soul important to you?" I felt my already wide eyes bulge. No. No way...

"I-I-I, B-but, y-you, can't, can you-u see-e h-him?" I stammered awkwardly. He sighed and nodded. 

"And you too?" I nodded weakly. A giant goofy smile spread over his features and almost reached his eyes. "No way!" He grabbed me and began pointing out souls around us.I simply sat stiff in his arms. 

Was it him?

I stared at the orange haired boy I had admired for so many years as he smiled down at me with friendship in his eyes. Something I had been wishing for for ages. I shook the out held hand and felt a high spirit pressure hit me. 

It was him!

I stared at our shaking hands. He must have felt it too, for he looked worriedly from our joined hands to my shocked face. 

"It's you.."

"It's you.." We said in unison. 

I was still staring when a slim figure appeared out of the corner of my eye. A dark haired figure, one I recognized eagerly. 

Rukia Kuchiki.



((A/N: SO??? What do you think?:3))


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