Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


2. Hit me

I stared at the orange haired student I had had a stupid crush on for around 5 years now. Seems stupid since I'd taken 2 years before getting over the first one...

"You? No, it can't be..." Ichigo mumbled to himself. Rukia came up out of the corner of my eye, her perfect little Gigai only reflecting how perfect she was. I had envied my former best friend for so long. Now I only felt that envy spike again.

"Reona!" She grumbled, snatching my wrist and trying to pull me away. I grunted and flipped her round, causing her to land on flat on her arse. She stared into nothingness with both shock and confusion on her face.

"Just because I was weaker than you doesn't mean I still am Rukia Kuchiki!" I exclaimed, snaking out of her grip. Ichigo just stood there, his cool seeming a little shattered by the events before him. I dusted off my skirt and ignored the gasps and eyes that where watching me and Rukia. I sighed and held a hand out to the soul reaper. She cautiously took it and winced at the bruising on her butt. I was about to shrug it off when it hit me. A soul reaper as strong as Rukia shouldn't bruise from such a petty maneuver. Neither should she have been taken down for that matter. I felt my eyebrows furrowing slightly as I thought. Once Rukia was on her feet, a released my helping hand and caught her shoulders. "So." I said sternly. "What and how, have you lost your powers?" I stared her straight in the eyes not allowing the heat of the moment to burn at me. Rukia's eyes widened and then she calmed, her usual cool returning. She scanned the area briefly and caught my wrist again. I tried to protest but the Gigai pulled me along.

"Hey! Rukia, wait!" Ichigo called after us, making him run after us. He was rather fast for a simple human. But then, I was.

"Rukia! Let go of me!" I yelped as her grip tightened once again.

"Shut it Renoa!" She spat back. She pulled me, and a following Ichigo into an empty classroom, carefully shutting the door behind us. As soon as it was quiet, she released a large sigh before comically rubbing at her forehead, as if to remove sweat.

"You really aren't up to skill with human life are you?" I mumbled sort of to myself.

"Nope. It's a real pain." Ichigo reached up and rubbed at his neck, pretending not to care.

"Renoa..." Rukia said coldly. She took a step towards me and I felt my nerves shocking slightly, what was she up to? Before I could set myself in a defensive position, Rukia flung her arms around me. An awkward hug, far too tight for those used to the motion embraced me, almost choking my human body. My weak and fragile body.

"R-...Ruk-...Ia!" I choked out. She pulld back.

"Little too tight?" She said with a smile.

"Wow. A smile." Ichigo piped up beside me. Rukia's face returned to a mournful deathly stare.

"Not for you substitute." Ichigo grumbled and looked over at me with his continuous bored face.

"Explain. Now." I stared at my old friend. Making her sigh uncomfortably.

"I gave my powers... To Ichigo..."


I stood with my mouth open. After Rukia had explained everything, she had pulled out the red glove with the jolly white skull on the back and slammed it straight into Ichigo's face. I wasn't prepared and upon instinct went to catch the crashing body. I held the orange haired body in my arms and felt at how limp and heavy it was. No soul. I looked up and saw the same Ichigo stood towering over me as usual, but now he was wearing the usual black shihakusho for traditional soul reapers, his hair contrasting with its dark front vibrantly. I took in the giant zanpakuto that hung over his shoulders. I lay Ichigo's more or less 'dead' body down and came nose to nose with the substitute soul reaper. Rukia told me the backstory and now it was my time to help carve his new one. I could sense it. I would be part of his destiny.

"Hit me." I said into the silence as Ichigo stared into me.

"But-" Rukia began but I cut her off.

"Hit me!" I turned to her and closed my eyes. I began whispering the chant I had taken all them years back, but reverse. "I take what is rightfully mine, Shinju, allow me to wield you once again, my loyal and faithful friend, one or not I am now, a shinigami for the souls of this world." I hushed the whisper under my breath as I felt Rukia's blow force through my body, and allowed me to reclaim my former status.

Renoa Kieko, Soul Reaper.

((A/N: Short one, but another is coming straight up! I'm in my Bleach mood so I wanna move the story on to where I've got planned so far:3 Maybe I'll try and update my DeathNote pieces tonight also! Love you my Lovelies!! BeyondLawliet))
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