Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


3. Friend For Me


I gasped for air as my human body fell to the ground lifeless. I watched as it began to glow slightly. My Gigai. I watched as it pixelated sort of, and then collected in little blue pieces along a simple bracelet on my wrist. I twisted it, feeling the familiarity of the beads. 

"Feels good doesn't it Reona?" Rukia sulked in the shadows. I nodded and took another deep breath. 

"More than I imagined." I released my wrist and watched as my shihakusho, slightly abnormal to that of a lower shinigami, fell around my body effortlessly. I reached for my neck, to pull my hair round to my face when I saw it. Orange tip. 

I glanced at the single orange tipped lock and quickly flicked it down my back. Orange? Why? Ichigo? Was I that vulnerable right now? As I flipped the hair back, I felt my familiar friend on my back. 

"Shinju!" I called, releasing the blade from its hilt. I stroked to sharp edge of the sword and whispered to it quietly. "Give me back the strength I had, I trust you friend, for all I'm worth, take my soul and use it's power, you are my weapon as I am your master-" 

"What?" Ichigo was staring at me like a dumbass. I frowned and sat on the floor with my beloved Shinju laid delicately over my crossed legs. 

"What? Don't you talk to your zanpakuto Ichigo Kurosaki?" As I said the words, I felt my anger releasing my spirit energy into me again. I allowed it to flow through me eagerly. Ichigo was about to retaliate when he was knocked to his knees by my soul pressure. I imagined a ball, and shrunk it, slowly calming the surge of power that had returned to me. "Damn." I muttered. 

"Huh?" Ichigo coughed out, still staring at me. I examined my body, and took in my form. The one I must admit I had missed dearly. I took in how tight my arms were, the kimono type dress we must wear, clung tight to my arms, and my chest, stopping, to reveal my stomach, which had returned to it's perfect size. I had sinfully allowed my Gigai to gorge through it's depression. I traced the simple curves of my lost body, down till where the clothing stared again, tied with the white tie around my waist and slitting into multiple flaps that reached my ankles. Revealing the black pants underneath and the slim fit shoes on my feet. Mine black, unlike most soul reapers I'd met. I really was different. 

"You sure your a soul reaper?" One of Ichigo's orange brows rose into his spiky hair. I giggled, my emotions overflowing with the power I was learning to retain again. 

"Yes she is, now lets get moving." Rukia spat at the gawking boy. 

"Yeah, something tells me, if even the humans are blind to that power surge, the hollows aren't they'll soon be swarming the place." I held out my hand to Ichigo. "My turn." I smiled down at him. He slipped his strong hand into my slim pale one and allowed me to help him up. "Time to get to work substitute soul reaper." 




I sent Shinju into the hollow's mask, cracking the ghastly white surface. Another success. The monster collapsed and then dissipated. I sighed, twisting my beloved zanpakuto in my hand, watching it's wide surface dance with my reflection. I watched as the tassels on the end swung in the breeze before returning him to his holster. An intricate weave of delicate metal. 

"You got him?" I called over roughly to Ichigo who sent his enormous zanpakuto into the dying hollow. I guess so. I admired him. He was more attractive in his soul reaping form. How stupid of me to allow my feelings to emit. I calmed myself and imagined the ball again. If Ichigo's power is as big as his sword proclaims, he will soon pick up on my spiritual signals, and I don't want that. Neither do I want anyone else finding out I have some... Feelings... For him. I rubbed at my face and I felt that presence again. The reason I had given away this amazingly powerful life. I clasped at my head and watched as my hair flung over my shoulder. Most of my tips were a devilish green, simply because I had never stopped thinking about him. That's what caused my hair to change, thinking about someone... Something... Anything about them or it, a colour will appear. A colour that represents them in some shape or from. I watched as the green seemed to fade a little. Then I caught that single orange tip. 

"Why are you here?" I whispered aloud to the orangey tip. 

"I'm doing my job, you?" Ichigo chuckled as he wiped the sweat from his brow. "There were  a lot weren't they?" He continued, taking in the damage he'd done. I smiled and hid the lock again. 

"Yeah, they feed off of energy that I carelessly released." I stared into space and found myself wondering if he'd felt it. I shook my head and allowed a smile to grace my lips again. "Well done!" I chimed at him as he looked over at me worriedly. He laughed. Something I'd never seen nor heard Ichigo do. It felt good for him to laugh. I found myself then laughing. Laughing with him. Why? I don't know, I just did. 

"You two done yet? I'm hungry and if we don't get home on time Karin will have eaten all of Ichigo's share, which in turn, looses me mine." Rukia called broodily to us from the other side of the roof we were fighting from. I recalled how fun it had been to jump up the windows to reach this height. I began walking towards Rukia and waited for Ichigo to follow suit. 


Rukia waited for Ichigo to slip back into his body and I twisted the bracelet to conceal myself in my Gigai
"All ready?" I said happily at my 'friends'. I guess I could call them that. Ichigo sent me a cheeky smile and Rukia simply nodded gravely. She could be really depressing... But then, so could I. We set off walking down when an annoying muffled voice began erupting from Ichigo's bag. 

"What the hell is that?" I swung round and felt the speed of my Gigai increased by my soul reaper presence within.

"I don't live in hell! Well this could be hell it smells so bad! Hey! Ichigo! Can I breath now?" Ichigo sighed and reluctantly opened the school bag over his shoulder, to reveal an orange plush lion toy. I felt my eyebrows arch at the sight of such.

"A Mod Soul? In a teddy?" I cocked my head and grabbed the rambling 'thing' by the scruff of it's neck.

"Hey! What yah doing! Release me! C'mon! I'll take yah..." He looked up at me and a cheeky glaze shone over hit button eyes. "Well hello pretty lady! Meow! Ruff! Roar! Aren't I cute? Hugs anyone?" I felt my eyelids drooping unimpressed. I dropped the babbling lion. 

"Boy, you like to talk alot don't you?" I growled at the annoyance at my ankles. 

"That's Kon. He's a pain. More than Rukia's lack of human knowledge." I ignored the muffled rambling of Kon by my feet. 

"I do not lack knowledge on humans!" Rukia protested as we neared the river I passed everyday. I looked down at the lapping waves and sighed happily. It was good to be back. To be powerful once again. 

"Hey.. Erm.... Renoa?" Ichigo stumbled over his words but I simple slowed my turn and smiled up at him with wide eyes. "Well.. Fancy coming over for dinner?" He rubbed at his neck again and smiled awkwardly. I felt a smile brush over my lips. What I would've given for that a mere day ago. All those years alone and craving. Oh the irony. 

"I couldn't! I'm sure your sister hasn't made enough anyway." I forced myself not to say mother, having been there the whole time Ichigo lost his mother. I was the one who drove the hollow off that day. I had been too weak to save that woman. It was my fault. I stopped a tear from escaping my eye. "I'm sorry Ichigo." I said more to myself about how careless I had been so long ago, but it confused those outside my mind. 

"Huh? Don't be sorry. Plus, Yuzu always makes too much anyway." He smiled a giant beam of white teeth towards me. "C'mon, I ain't taking no for an answer!" He ran at me and lifted me over his shoulder in an instant. 

"Don't make me come out of this body and whoop your ass substitute!" I laughed to him as he hauled me to his home.





I sat awkwardly eating a bowl of delicious noodles at Ichigo's table. Rukia was hiding herself and the annoying Kon up in Ichigo's room. Something told me she was using his house as a hideout. Same old Rukia. I smiled a little at the thought and took the moment to compliment the young Yuzu for her meal. 

"This is amazing Miss Kurosaki. Thank you for allowing me to join you all this fine evening." That received me an even greater stare than that that I was already getting. 

"Oh! Thank you!" She beamed. She was far too young to have to take up the motherly role. I guess that's my fault too. I held the smile on my face, though I wanted to cry. I controlled my emotions again and made my smile wider as I took in another ball of noodles. 

"So... Ichigo finally got a girlfriend and she's all posh. Tell me... Renoa? Do you own a pony?" I laughed at Karin's idle chatter. She had become so much stronger since her mothers death. She never cried. Not anymore. 

"No. I don't. I ain't posh! And I aren't Ichigo's girlfriend! If anything, I'm still wondering why your big bad brother lugged me round to bother you in the first place." I sent a sidewards glance to the quiet Ichigo. Obviously his sister's comment had effected him. I'm sure I'd heard him choke when Karin mentioned me being his girlfriend. Men. Always so complicated. Always have, always will. 

"I told you." Ichigo didn't look at me and took another slurp of noodles. "It's a thank you." Slurp. "For helping me today." Slurp. "With that test thing?" Slurp. Men! 

"Oh... Well... I guess. It was nothing Ichi." I winked and felt my cheeks begin to ache from the sly smile that spread over my cheeks. That received a frown from the reddening Ichigo and a loud smirk from his father. Isshin was a really bright man. He had held the family together so well over Masaki's death. His beautiful wife taken away in an attempt to save his son. An admirable man, non the less. 

"Well, I'm done, so are you, now let's go talk." I had my last few noodles take from right under my nose. 

"Fine Ichi." I winked at Karin who smirked back at me and then ducked under the table, tying her fathers shoe laces together. What a lovely house hold.



I found myself stood, once again awkwardly, inside Ichigo's room. He plonked himself on his bed, then regained his feet before opening the wardrobe to reveal a hungry looking Rukia and a duct taped Kon.I raised my eyebrow at the struggling Kon

"He was just too annoying." Ichigo handed Rukia the food in his hands. 

"There." He said with a sigh. 

"You okay substitute?" I mocked slightly. Sitting gracefully on the edge of his bed. He sat up against the window and laid his hands behind his head. 

"Big day, crazy lady." I looked over at him a little too quickly and my hair ended up over my face. 

"Crazy lady?" I said confused. He laughed a little causing a little smile to appear. 

"Yeah. What? If I'm Ichi, then your definitely crazy lady." A smirk remaining. I jumped him, causing him to react and tackle my body to the ground. "Hey! Crazy lady!" He laughed. 

"Ichigo playing with his girlfriend?" Karin's mocking laughter erupted from the doorway. Ichigo jumped up and shoved her out, Rukia remained as still as a statue. 

"Woah..." I said from the floor. "Close one Ruki." I was on a role tonight. 

"Don't start you." Rukia said flatly. I rolled my eyes and came to my feet when a dizziness over came me. 

"Wh-what?" I stuttered, clasping my forehead as the pain racked through my skull and my chest. "Is it... You?" I whimpered, images of that night eloping my mind as I fell to the floor. 



"You promised me! You liar! You liar!" The girl called to her disappearing lover as he began to step through the black portal. His pale face hidden from her. 

"I'm sorry my dear." He called to the crying child. "I'll be back for you. I promise." 

"Don't make another lie!" She screamed at him, reaching fro his white clothing the way it blew around violently in the wind of the portal. Tears streamed down her face. 

"Don't worry dear one." He cupped her pale face, though his fingers where paler still. "Just remember I'm always watching over you..."

"I'm your soul mate."



I shot up. The dream causing fresh warm tears to drip onto my skin. I rubbed them away. No, not a dream...  A memory. 

"She's awake!" I heard a familiar annoying voice hit me. I groaned as Kon came into view. But then I widened my eyes in shock. 

"Where am I?!" I called panicked. 

"Hey, calm it crazy lady! It's only.. Oh shit! 8am! We'll be late!" Ichigo came into view next to me. Wait... Was I sleeping next to him? What? 

"I slept here?!" I said still panicked. 

"Yes. You did." A fully dressed Rukia appeared from the doors of the oak wardrobe. 

"I-I-I-your-I-what?" I tried to make sense of every little detail. 

"It's simple. You kinda collapsed... So I got my dad to let you stay over. I searched your phone, but I couldn't find any parent numbers...?" He trailed off, a slight question in his voice. I sighed and tried to smile through my tears. 

"I...I have no family Ichigo." I said quietly. I rubbed away another tear and escaped Ichigo's gaze to freshen up. I sorted myself out with the makeup in my bag and chowed on three or four mints to make up for the lack of toothpaste and brush this morning. When I returned, Rukia was gone, and Ichigo was waiting for me. 

"Renoa..." I cut him off.

"It's fine Ichigo. Forget about it." I said with a weak smile. Could I really love this human? It seems so silly... Especially since... I'm meant to already have...

"No. It's not. I get it Renoa. I understand." He looked up at me with all seriousness in his features. 

"Please smile." I said gently. The frown softened on Ichigo's face and his eyes lit up a little. 

"You first." That received a smile from us both. I huffed a little chuckled and flung my bag over my shoulder. 

"C'mon Ichi." I winked over at the strong soul reaper and awaited him to escort him out of his house. 

I was so engulfed in all that was happening around me.. And the perfect smile from the orange haired boy, that I complete missed my hair...

More of it shone a bright orange.

The same orange of Ichigo Kurosaki


((A/N: Gah! I just want to write more and more and more!!! Shall I?:3 BeyondLawliet)) 

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