Soul Mate

((Bleach FanFic)) When Renoa leaves the soul society and her role as soul reaper, she wishes she could leave behind the story she had been placed into. The legend that bound her to her 'soul mate'. Living life in as a human, she could only wish for he past life, and everything she'd had there.
It's a harsh reality she soon finds when one boy with soul energy that reaches almost the same height of her own befriends her, leaving her a sitting duck for the hollows, the soul reapers, and her legendary past.


6. Asleep with You


"No! Stop it! I don't want your help! If you wanted to help me you shouldn't have left me alone! I hate you!"

I groaned and tossed and turned in my sleep, the harsh wooden floor I was asleep on not helping the situation.

"You don't mean that my dear."

I growled sleepily.

"Yes I do! I don't love you!" 

"Don't be unwise my dear. I am yours. He shall never have you. On my lost heart I swear it."

I shot up, sweat clamming my forehead. Not another memory. But that last bit...I don't ever remember him saying that... Who was he talking about by 'he' ? I took in what I could make of my dark surroundings. I wasn't in the flat. I wasn't at Ichigo's (thank goodness). So...Oh great.

The Urahara Shop. 

I groaned and rubbed at my face in annoyance. That sap. He must have come to our 'rescue'. He really was full of himself. I smiled to myself. Good old Kisuke. I took in the wooden floors, simple, with a thin mattress beneath my body, not shielding very well from the hard floor. I was going to end up stiff all over. Damn. I looked over at the plane green walls. This green was different. It wasn't that deep, evil green I was so familiar with. It was Urahara's green. The pale dirty sort. It was peaceful to say the least.I rested my head back down and tried to relax. I placed my hand on my stomach and winced. I lifted the cover from my body, to find half of my clothes from the Gigai I must still be in, ripped, so that bandages may seal my wound. It seemed to have already bled some due to the red stain on their ghastly white front. I groaned again and laid back down. I turned to my right to find Ichigo sleeping soundly not too far away. Alike myself, he was on a thin mattress, and was bandaged up. His top not present to tend to the wounds on his torso. I forced myself to look away, though sneaky glances couldn't be helped. What was wrong with me? I'm acting like a true girl. Fantasizing over a man's physique. That wasn't me! I needed a reality check. I sighed deeply and closed my eyes, submitting myself to another restless memory. 


~Ichigo's P.O.V~ 


Even in the darkness of the room, God knows where I may be, I could see her looking over at me. She had been mumbling stuff in her sleep. Things like 'I hate you' and 'I never loved you'. Part of me ached a little. Could she be talking about me? Impossible. She barely knew me, and I her... But then... This pull... It seemed even stronger now. With Rukia's absence. She'd taken a hit for me. She'd defended me, and taken a supposedly fatal hit to the gut. She should be dead. It must be her immense spirit energy. Oh Renoa. She shot up suddenly and I froze. She couldn't know I was watching her. She was breathing heavily and groaning about various things. Then I saw her smile slightly. It made me want to smile. This sounds all soppy, and believe me, it's not like me at all! What was up with me? I seriously needed a reality check. Renoa sighed, took in her bandaged state and laid back down. She almost instantly fell asleep. But not before looking over at me a few times. It seems absurd to think it... But when it comes down to truths... Renoa's been the only girl to ever take interest in me... To ever... Like me... Plus, she was just like me. Having lost family, she understood. So what is it that's stopping me from accepting her? There's something about her. Something deeper. Every soul reaper, or someone connected to the reapers, has mentioned something about a Legend. A Legend? Seriously? She can't be that old... Right? I mentally hit myself. Idiot. I sighed. Who was that man? I heard his voice, but was too wounded to look. He helped her. I'm sure of it. 

I should be praising him. Thanking him for saving my friend... My best friend.

So why do I feel such strong hatred towards him? 

 I shook myself and got up, rubbing over my wounds on my bare torso. Man, I was strapped up good. I shuffled over my tall body as quietly as possible till I was stood over Renoa. She was splayed on the thin mattress, her arms flailing outwards, her hair spread wide like a fan, and she was frowning, sweating, mumbling. He legs tensed and her hands shook a little. It made me feel bad. I sat beside her, crossed legged, and watched a while. She bit at her lip, so hard, until it bled and turned over a coupe of times. 

"No..." She mumbled. "I don't...I don't.... It's him..." She mumbled, turning to face me again. Her wounds seeming to open slightly, staining the white cloth with red. I frowned at the situation. What would the story book hero do? I rolled my eyes at myself. Idiot. I shivered as the chill of early dawn passed over my bare skin. I should go back to bed. But it seemed so far away.I looked over my shoulder at my abandoned bed, and stupidly, chose the more stupid option. I quickly lifted the thin cover over Renoa and slipped in beside her. 

Any normal boy wouldn't do that. 

Me on a normal basis wouldn't do that. 

But I felt like I had to.

I laid there at first, watching her shiver and tense, frowning and biting harder. I grumbled. What do I do now. I let my instincts take over, and shuffled a little closer to her. She turned again in her sleep as she continued to mumble, her hands hit me as she tossed around. I caught them and they stopped jittering suddenly. No way... Seriously? I looked from the silent hands to the twitching girl before me and decided to do something I'd never done before, I took the shivering girl into my arms. I gently wrapped my top arm over the slim pillow, resting her neck on it, and slipping the other over her waist. She seemed to calm. Her lip fell from her teeth and her frown eased. She stopped mumbling and then she shuffled closer to me, resting her head on my chest. I lay frozen for a while, then my instincts over took me again. Pulling the fragile girl to me. I rested my head back on the pillow and watched her calm into a sleep. She mumbled once again before her breathing deepened. 

"It's you..." She mumbled into my chest. "Your the one." I lay there, feeling surprisingly happy with myself. I stroked a strand of her dark hair and admire it's unique ability. I watched in awe as the last few green tips changed into a vibrant orange, alike my own. I smiled to myself as I watched her hair morph into almost a complete gingery orange. I noticed a single lock. It's tip refusing to change. I fingered the ends gently. Devilish green. 

"Who are you?" I whispered against her hair. Either way, part of me had decided the reaper before me, was mine. 



~Back to Renoa~


"No! I swear, I don't! I don't!" I shouted in the dream, most likely mumbling into the dark. "It's not you! I called to the enemy that stood before me. "It's him!" The enemy began to walk towards me. His zanpakuto unsheathed and ready. Shining in the dim light. I tried to run, but I stopped. I suddenly felt my hands being clasped together. As I tried to decipher which was dream and reality, a zanpakuto fell into my hands. A large zanpakuto, with a thin handle, and a large, pointed edge. A white ribbon to tie it. The ribbon eagerly wrapped around my right hand. Then, amongst it all, arms encased me. But he was so far away. So what was this? It was then that soul reaper Ichigo passed by me. I stood frozen as the enemy advanced. I stood my ground, and found the orange haired boy beside me, lifting the sword in my hand. 

"Aim for the heart." His voice was no more than a whisper and hard to understand. 

"But he has no heart." I whimpered back, as my mate neared me. I was suddenly whisked from the whole scene and found myself laying under the shade of the tree on the small hill on the school grounds. I was laid next to Ichigo, so close we touched slightly. I was smiling, and he was smiling back. The wind blew and my hair whipped around me. Their locks a vibrant orange. A full head of orange. I thought of Orihime as I laid there next to the equally bright boy, laughing loudly. 

"Who are you?" It was Ichigo's voice, but the dreamy boy's lips didn't move. I fell back, into a hole of darkness, holding onto the edge of the hole for survival. It was a repeat. A lot like before. But if I let go of  the edge who will be the one to catch me now?

Who will be my Soul Mate?

I fell down, trusting my instincts and fell right into his arms. I smiled, though part of me was hurting. I cried into his chest as he cradled me. 

"It's you." I sobbed. "Your the one." 







I yawned myself awake, stretching as usual, but finding it awkward. I was stretching away from something. As if I was going to hit it. I rolled my neck, removing the kinks in my sore body. I scrunched my eyes up as I yawned again and sighed sleepily, before opening them. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sight before me. I stared, frozen to the spot, my legs not wanting to touch him, my body held there in his loose arms. Ichigo was sleeping beside me, his arms around me. HOW? I looked under the covers and sighed a massive relief when I saw my clothes still on my body. Stupid, but what would you think if the guy you'd been letting on you'd had a crush on was in your bed? I shouldn't think so lowly of Ichigo. He was a good guy. I wanted to curl up there, part of me feeling safe. To be honest, I'm sure he was in the dream for a reason. Was the feelings I felt, him in reality? I removed a short spiky piece of hair out of his closed eyes, smiling to myself. My hand rested on his warm cheek. 

"So warm" I whispered, before lifting the heavy bare arm that was slung over my waist. I slipped out and rolled away. I looked over my shoulder as he carried on sleeping. I was tempted to slip back in against him. But if Kisuke came in, I wouldn't hear the end of it. I sighed and got up, holding my hair off of my neck with my hand. I let it down with a huff and inspected the damage of my dreams. All orange. I screamed, before clasping over my hand as I grimaced at the girly noise. Ichigo shot up from the bed. I heard the flip-flop like noise of Urahara's clogs as he came to see what was the problem. But he wasn't the one who got to me first. I stood in the shadow of the towering Ichigo, his hands holding my waist gently. 

"What's wrong?!" He asked, worry clear in his voice. I kept my hand over my mouth in turned towards him holding up the orange locks. Much of which had already begun to seep up my hair towards my roots. I removed my hand. 

"Look!" I said, flickering from the hair to Ichigo's soft smile. He laughed lightly and brushed a falling piece from my eyes. 

"Believe it or not, it actually suits you. He chuckled. 

"Stop making fun of me!" I grumbled, folding my arms and dropping my hair. I pouted as he laughed louder. "It's your fault! Honestly, I'm like your teddy bear." I mocked slyly. Ichigo stopped laughing and growled slightly. Ohh touchy subject. "It's like you can't sleep alone. You afraid of the dark Ichi?" I smirked. Ichigo pounced but I dodged, running around the room, the spiky carrot top chasing after me. 

"JUST YOU WAIT RENOA!" He growled after me. I just laughed even louder, till the very movement caused me to loose my breath, I checked over my shoulder and faced front again to come slap bang into Kisuke

"GAH!" I called as I rubbed my face at the soreness of the impact. "OW!" I shouted up at the man. Concealed in mystery and a stupid hat. I smirked at him. Urahara simply groaned. 

"Why are you always so lively?" He muttered before clearing his voice. "So what's up Miss?" He helped me up with his spare hand, fanning himself dramatically with the other. 

"LOOK!" I widened my eyes, looking at him through a fan of orangey black tips. 

"My oh my, someones been busy in there." He knocked on my head and I rubbed at it with a pout returning to my face. 

"Jackass." I mumbled. 

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing." I smiled sweetly over at him, until her turned his back, which I childishly pulled a face too. Ichigo stared at me densely. I rolled my eyes. 

"Somethings wrong here." Kisuke mumbled to himself. "Hmm. Has he visited you recently Renoa?" he continued, taking deep breaths and assessing the room. 

"No. Not that I'm aware of." I said, seriousness returning. 

"Alright. That's enough! Enough of the secrets! Just who exactly is this 'he' everyone keeps referring too." I shook my head to Kisuke cringing as Ichigo shouted through our evaluation. Kisuke Ignored me as usual and turned to Ichigo, opening his fan in a flick of his wrist.

"Why, Renoa's soul mate, of course."

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