Gotta be you

It all started with leaving Canterbury and coming up to my house for summer and going for a jog where I normally went. It was a secret place for all I knew. I never expected to find anyone there but I did and I ended up falling for them too.


13. Where did he go?

"Let's play a game" Louis yelled waking Blake. "Oh goodness, that's not the game Blake you were soposed to stay asleep" he said taking the wailing child from my arms. This gave Harry the chance to wrap his arm around me. This caused me to blush. I some how ended up with the baby again this time wide awake. "Okay I'm off to bed Zayn said taking Blake with him. "Uh you know he's not potty trained yet, Zayn!" I yelled into the woods somewhere I heard a groan from Zayn and then he reapeared out of nowhere causing me to scream. "It's okay love" Harry wispered in my ear. I relized that Louis had been gone ever since he said lets play a game.

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