Gotta be you

It all started with leaving Canterbury and coming up to my house for summer and going for a jog where I normally went. It was a secret place for all I knew. I never expected to find anyone there but I did and I ended up falling for them too.


19. That is why I love You

I was so well I guess im jus plain. I had long dirty blonde hair and brown eyes and a faint birthmark on my right eyelid. I was 5'6" I was so short compared to him. And yet he was inlove with me. I waited for an answer. It took him maybe 2 minutes to answer but he did. "I love you cause you love me for who I am not what my job is and because everything about you is perfect. And I am the luckiest boy  in the world because I have you. And that is why I love you." 

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