Gotta be you

It all started with leaving Canterbury and coming up to my house for summer and going for a jog where I normally went. It was a secret place for all I knew. I never expected to find anyone there but I did and I ended up falling for them too.


23. She has spoken

Jayda and Eloise walked slowly into the room and so did I. I walked in and stood next to Eloise and then asked her "Why are all of them hear anyways?" "Um cause mum thaught it was a  good idea for me t make friends here, so she took the liberty to call a whole bunch of people and now I must hang out with them tonight.  But I only really like Jayda" Harry walked over to me while Louis told the girls stupid stories. Harry took notice of Jayda and ased me who she was so I answered. "Jayda, do you by any chance like one directon?" he asked her. She nodded shyly and blushed I think. "Do you want to meet them?" Eloise asked her. "Sure." "She has spoken" was Harrys response.

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