Gotta be you

It all started with leaving Canterbury and coming up to my house for summer and going for a jog where I normally went. It was a secret place for all I knew. I never expected to find anyone there but I did and I ended up falling for them too.


7. Did you see them?

By the time we got back it was arly afternoon. "Eden, Eloise I'm back!" I called when i got inside they were watching Spongebob. "Hey." Eloise said through a mouth of candy. I snatched the box away and put it in the pantry. "You don't need to be hyper!" I told her. "Did you see them?" she came rushing into the kitchen. "See who?" "One Direction, who else would I be caring about?" she snapped back at me. "Noo I didn't. Now go do something useful like entertain your siblings." She walked out of the kitchen. 

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