Gotta be you

It all started with leaving Canterbury and coming up to my house for summer and going for a jog where I normally went. It was a secret place for all I knew. I never expected to find anyone there but I did and I ended up falling for them too.


24. Braiding

Jayda giggled and said "I do talk ya know" she said back. Harry smiled at her and Louis and the other girls left I wasn't quite sure where he was bringing them though but I didn't care. "Well how old are you Jayda?" he aked. "12 the same as Eloise." she said and smiled. I then heard Eden started to call my name and left whil Harry and Jayda chatted. I went in her room and brought her into the living room. She had medium length blonde hair and blue eyes she wasn't shy at all and she loved to talk...alot. She got up and turned the T.V. on to some little kid show. "Ally will you braid my hair?" she asked me. So she came over and sat down in front of me on a little stool with her comb. "Sure, little bear." I combed through her hair and Harry came in. He stood behind the couch where I was sitting and he began to 'braid' my hair.

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