Best Friends Forever

Harmony is 19yrs old and has ginger hair. She used to have a best friend called louis tomlinson and when he auditioned for the xfactor she never heard from him again. Will her childhood friend remeber her?


2. Meeting The Boys

Harmonys POV:


I was abit nervous about meeting the boys, What if they didnt like me! Louis was still holding my hand as we made our way over into the lunch hall. He walked still holding my hand towards the table the boys were sitting with. "Hey Louis" the boys said all together. Then there eyes wanderd over to me. "Well boys this is harmony" Louis said. "Hi" i said shyly. The curly haired boy came over to me and said "Hi im harry" and he gave me a big bear hug. Then the blonde one came over to me "Hi im niall" he said, He had a thick irish accent and hugged me. Then the boy with the almost shaved head he hugged me and said "Hey im liam" He said. The last boy with black hair wich was made into a quiff with a blonde bit in the middle came over to me. He hugged me and mumbled "Hi im Zayne" He sounded almost shy but im sure he wasnt. We all just sat there awkwardly. Thank god louis started a confasation "Well wanna all hang out at mine today?" Louis Asked. "Sure" we all said including me. The boys all laughed and i said "really we are doing that and we just met!" and they carried on laughing."okay so its settled at my house at 4 yes?" Louis said. "Yup" We all said together. We all exchanged glances and bursted out laughing.


Louis POV:


The boys and harmony really hit it of, Im glad i thought they wernt going to get on. I saw Harmonys phone on the table and quickly snatched it. The boys gave me a _what_are_you_doing look. I got her phone and registerd my number,then i passed it to the boys under the table as they writ in there numbers then i put it back on the table. Harmony turned back to the table and gave me a did_you_do_anything look. I shook my head and she went on her phone. Me and the boys ran out of the lunch hall,We didnt want to know what happend next.


Harmonys POV:


I look on my phone and go on contacts about to text my mum about louis when i see 5 new contacts called  CarrotPrince,DaddyDirection,HarrySexGod,NiallLovesFood and ZayneIsAmayzayn. I chuckled but inside i wanted to kill them boys!.



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