Best Friends Forever

Harmony is 19yrs old and has ginger hair. She used to have a best friend called louis tomlinson and when he auditioned for the xfactor she never heard from him again. Will her childhood friend remeber her?


4. Louis Househ

Harmonys POV:


I walked home from school exited about going to louis. I wanted to look nice and stuff but not toooo flashy you know what i mean. I got out my keys and opend the front door and practicly ran up the stairs and opend my wardrobe. I found some black shorts,glittery belt and a nice top. i put them on and put on some mascara. i looked at my clock and it was 4:05. "OH SHIT IM LATE" i screamed. I ran to the door and my mum said "had a nice day honey?" 

"Yeh mum BYE MUM" i said running out the door. I ran to louis house, "CANT BE LATE,CANT BE LATE" i said although i already was. Louis house yes. i knocked on the door as if on cue louis opend it "your late" he said.. he didnt sound disapointed. "Come in" I walked inside,omg his house was huge. "wanna play truth or dare?" he asked. typical louis always wanting to play truth or dare. "sure" we all said. "STOP IT" i said while giggling like an idiot. "Louis truth or dare"liam asked. "Dare.."

"i dare you to kiss harmony for 20seconds,tounges and everything!" liam said. "LIAM I THOUGHT U WERE RUBBISH AT DARES!" Louis shouted. Liam through his head back and laughed. "do it do it do it" the boys chanted. to be honest i wanted to join in but tht would be wrong.


Louis POV:


I really wanted to kiss her but i couldnt in front of the boys but i decided i would. I walked over to harmony and blocked out all of the chanting and placed my lips onto hers. I put my tounge into her mouth and they danced delicatly. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,TIMES UP" liam said. We pulled away at the same time, She seemed as shocked as i was, without thinking i gave her a peck on the cheek and went back to my spot. "OOOOOOOOH" the boys chanted as harmony went bright red.


Harmonys POV:


I blushed as bright as my hair i swear when he kissed me on the cheek. i really do like him! I felt eyes on me now. I looked around and said "WHAT?" they all laughed at me as i went bright red AGAIN! "you just was bright red and was daydreaming your eyes went all lovey dovey" harry said between laughing. "OI I DIDNT!" i screamed. "yehhh you did" harry said. "didnt"


and this went on for ages untill i said "shutup curly we never speak of me going all lovey dovey is that clear!" i said seriously. They nodded slowy. YES I FOOLED THEM, i guess i am a good actress.




Time passed and it was time for harmony to go. "Guys i have to go" Harmony said. A sea of 'AWWS' were heard as she said "byeee seeyah at school" She opend the door and went home.

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