Best Friends Forever

Harmony is 19yrs old and has ginger hair. She used to have a best friend called louis tomlinson and when he auditioned for the xfactor she never heard from him again. Will her childhood friend remeber her?


1. School


Harmonys POV:


"Bye mum" i said as i walked out the door. My names harmony smith and i live with my mum,I have ginger hair wich at school makes my life terror because i get called names. It never used to happen when my best friend louis was around. I walked to school and went to my first class and sat down. my teacher miss minns walked in and said "excuse me class we have 5 new students with us, Louis,Liam,Harry,Niall and Zayn". I looked up to see my old best friend,he didnt even make eye contact with me. "Liam sit there,Harry there,Niall Here,Zayn over there and louis will you sit by Miss smith please."


Louis POV:


The last name rung a bell but i didnt know where from. I made my way over to were she was sitting though she didnt make eye contact with me. Suddenly she looked up into my eyes, "Hi Louis" she said. "Hi,how do you know my name?" i asked.

"You really dont remeber me do you?" She asked. "Im sorry, i dont know you" i said. She looked down at her desk. Then some memories flooded back, i remeber her lovely personallity and her bright ginger hair. "OMG!!! H" i almost screamed at her. She suddenly looked up and her sad face turned into a grin, I guess she forgived me for not knowing who she was. "Thank god u remeberd me!" She said her eyes lighting up.

"i only didnt remeber you because u have changed" i said 

"not really" she said. Then the bell rung. "Bye class have a nice lunch"


Harmonys POV:


I cant belive he remeberd me! I thought he wouldnt when he first saw me but he did and thats all that matters! "So louis what have you been up to" I asked. STUPID QUESTION HARMONY! "Well ive been touring and stuff, Would you like to meat the boys?" He asked. "Yeh plz" i said. He took my hand and sparks flew up my arm, I think im in love with my bff.

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