The Spartan Girl

*Percy Jackson and One Direction fan fiction*
Dally is a demigod. She kills monsters and quarrels with gods but her life is about to change even more.


2. New Kids, Five of Them

"Dally! WAKE UP!" I heard Annabeth, Piper, Hazel, and Thalia yell in my ear. Wait, Thalia? She should be with the hunters.What is she doing here?
"THALIA!" I yell and tackle her with a hug.
"Haha. Yup."
"Dally, we've got some new campers we need you to dispatch." Annabeth said.
"Okay cool I love dispatching campers."
"Good 'cus there's five of them."
"Okay." I threw on a clean Camp Half–Blood T-shirt and a pair of shorts and my converse low-tops and bolted out the door.When I reached the commons area I saw five teenage boys that looked about my age eighteen or nineteen, older than the normal recruits. I wondered why they hadn't been claimed yet. When I reached them I said
"Hi I'm Dallas but everyone calls me Dally, I'll been your "tour guide" today. Now what are your names?" they all looked slightly amused but the tan one said
"My name is Zayn. These are Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam." he said pointing to them.
"Alright boys follow me. You need to meet Chiron you'll love him he's awesome. Just don't stare to long, it makes him uncomfortable." I rambled on and the one called Niall laughed quietly. At that I spun around and pointed at him and said
"Did you just LAUGH me?" I asked him incredulisly.
"Yes." he said snickering.
"Gods I haven't known you five minutes and you're already annoying."at that Liam laughed.
"CHIRON!?!" I yelled and he came around the corner in his wheel chair.
"Yes Dally?"
"We've got some new recruits. Probably between seventeen and nineteen, undetermined."
"Undetermined at that age?" he asked shocked.
"Yeah, watch," I said and turned to them and asked "do you boys have even the slightest idea as to what's going on?"
"Not in the slightest." said Louis nervously.
"Well then have a seat." I said and gestured to the table. They sat immediately.
"So what IS going on?" asked Harry.
"Okay boys, how much Greek... mythology do do you know?"
"Not much." they mumbled.
"Okay well there are twelve Olympian gods-"
"Wait, you're telling me there's such a thing as God?"
"Not God capital g gods plural with a lower case g. We shan't deal with the metaphysical."
"You mean like Zeus, Hera, them?" Zayn asked. Th
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