The Spartan Girl

*Percy Jackson and One Direction fan fiction*
Dally is a demigod. She kills monsters and quarrels with gods but her life is about to change even more.


1. Meet The Characters

Hi. My name is Dally Taylor. I'm the demigod daughter of Apollo. My best friend is Annabeth Chase. You probably know her. She's daughter of Athena. She has a boyfriend, Percy Jackson(son of Poseidon). He's kinda famous. My other bestie is Piper Mclean(daughter of Aphrodite). She's got a boyfriend too. Jason Grace(son of Zeus). Leo Valdez(son of Hephestaus) has one heck of a crush on Hazel Lavesque(daughter of Hades) and she is dating Frank Zhang(son of Ares).Thalia(Zeus) is Jason's sister.Nico di'Angelo (son of Hades) is pretty cool. Well there you have it my "family."
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