Snitching or not?

Eva is 15 years old and the most popular girl in the school but when she spreads a rumor that lands her in hot water and out of the in-friendship group who will she turn to for help when the relentless bullying begins?


1. What happened?

Ava knew she was beautiful and knew she stood out when she walked through the school corridors and down streets. She also knew that she had the best boy friend in the world, Ray. He was the captain of the football team and totally gorgeous, he was the guy every girl wanted. As she strode down the corridor on her way to meet Ray at his locker she prepared herself, touching up her cherry lip gloss and turning on her dazzling smile. As she approached Ray she saw his back was turned and that he was talking to some of his football mates. When she reached him she slid her arms around his waist waiting for him to turn around and give her a welcoming kiss but instead he spun around and said "Ashley".

"Ashley! What the heck Ray I'm Ava your girlfriend, not Ashley my best friend!" she shrieked.

"Oh, I....I'm sorry" he stuttered looking flustered.

"Uh, oh mate, better explain now and get it over with" Luke a guy from the team said. 

"Explain what?" she snapped at him.

"Um", he paused before blurting out " I spent the weekend with Ashley and she's the one I want, not you, especially after you blew off my invitation to go away for the weekend".

"It was my grandma's birthday" she ground out seething inside, and with that she spun on her heel and marched away. She knew people were staring at her but she didn't care, she couldn't believe Ashley would do that to her, that he would do that to her. She felt hot angry tears pressing at the back of her eyes but she refused to cry they couldn't get to her, because after all she was the "It girl" and no one could take that away from her could they? 

As she made her way to the normal meeting place for her friend group she hatched a small plot of revenge against Ashley. She knew a secret of Ashley's that was not meant for sharing and it was that Ashley's mum was actually an alcoholic not a vogue super model. As Ava reached the meeting point she saw to figures standing there and as she drew closer she realised neither of them were Ashley and she felt an immediate sense of relief. The two people were her other friends Brittany and Rihannon and they were going to be the first to know Ashley's dirty secret. 

"Hey girlies, have I got news for you!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"What?" they both asked in unison.

"Well, Ashley has been lying to us all, her mum isn't really a Vogue super model she is actually a huge alcoholic. Isn't it pathetic, I was shocked too when I found out" she said loudly mistaking their facial expressions as shocked because of what she had just told them. 

"I don't believe you Ava, how could you be so heartless? We knew about Ashley's mum and we don't care, but we do care about the fact that you just betrayed Ashley" Rihannon said in her reserved way, she didn't scream or shout and it was almost worse than the latter. 

"W..What?" she mumbled as a tear slid down her cheek, Brittany and Rihannon's accusing glares made her feel so cruel and twisted. Then she heard a hard cold voice behind her and she turned to meet Ashley's hate filled eyes.

"Wow, thanks a lot Ava, what happened to best friends and all that?" she said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"What happened to our own boyfriends? You spent the freaking weekend with him Ashley, he was my boyfriend" she said her voice cracking with stress. Ashley's  laugh was harsh and bitter.

"Haha, he told you that did he? He gave me a lift up to my parents since that was on the way to where he was headed and he stayed for dinner. Nothing happened!" 

"Oh, I'm so sorry Ashley, please forgive me i didn't mean it I was just angry" Ava begged desperately.

"No Ava, sorry isn't enough, we don't want you here anymore. We don't trust you anymore, you are out" she said icily. Ava turned pleading eyes to Brittany and Rihannon but they deliberately avoided her gaze. At that moment Ava's world fell apart she had just lost her best fiend and was no longer the "It girl", she had been reduced to a nobody. A sob escaped her and she turned and fled, she ran from them and wished with all her heart that she would never have to return.



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