Snitching or not?

Eva is 15 years old and the most popular girl in the school but when she spreads a rumor that lands her in hot water and out of the in-friendship group who will she turn to for help when the relentless bullying begins?


2. What do I do now?

When Ava finally stopped running she was just around the corner from her house at the small park out of view from the main road. She lent against a tall tree and tried to catch her breath, her pulse pounded in her ears and her head felt like it was about to explode. What do I do now she thought why did I jump to conclusions? 

Stupid, stupid girl!

She couldn't do anything right, but what was starting to really push at her self esteem was the fact that Ray had used Ashley as an excuse to break up with her. What had she done wrong? She had been the best girlfriend she could be, always listening, always encouraging him and always trying to look good so she wouldn't be an embarrassment to him. As she wandered home she thought about what she was going to do, she would just have to disappear like what all those geeky kids do, fade into the back ground avoiding the popular kids steering well clear. When she reached her house she unlocked the door praying no one was home, luckily both her parents were at work today. Ava bounded up stairs and into her bathroom, first she would remove all her perfectly applied make up, starting with the dark smoky make up around her huge ocean blue eyes, and then the foundation off her pale skin and lastly her cherry lip gloss off her soft pink lips. Then she set to work stripping her bright red hair back to its natural dark brown shiny colour. Miraculously the stripping of her hair worked perfectly and all she had to do now was give it a huge conditioning treatment to make it soft again. 

After that was all done she started to pack up all her highly fashionable designer clothes in cardboard boxes and then hauled them up to the attic. Maybe one day she would have a use for them again but for now it was plain boring and not at all attractive clothes. She changed into a pair of trackies, an old hoodie and a pair of blazers grabbed her credit card and left the house to catch a bus into town. When she got off the bus she headed for primark and H&M grabbing random jeans and ugly t-shirt, fleeces and trackies and a few pairs of trainers and plimsoles. After paying for her chosen items, she went along to starbucks and sat down for a cappuccino, she thought over little shopping spree and realised how cheap it was even after the amount she bought, at least it was one plus side to unfashionable clothes. 

Then she caught a glimpse of tight jeans and a cute floral vest top and realised that the outfit belonged to Ashley. She was here with Brittany, Rihannon, Ray and Luke it must have been interval as they walked past they turned and looked at her but dismissed her without a second glance. That was it, she could do this change her name pretend she was a new student if she was that hard  for the people closest to her to regognize then surely no one else would. She could just pretend to be her mum and phone the school and say that she was moving schools and that she wouldn't be back for the rest of the term. She just hoped this would work...

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