Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


14. Trying To Feed Me Marshmallows... Wait, They're Trying To Kidnap Me

(GUYS! I am SO sorry that I haven't uploaded in a while. My laptop charger broke so I couldn't get onto my laptop until I bought a new one! I have one now though, so I'll update twice to make up for it! Sorry for the wait!)


Since I almost drowned, Harry had gone to go get me some McDonald's food because I was getting hungry. While Harry was gone, we all decided to sit around the pool and just talk. 

"How come you can't swim?" Ashton asked, 

I shrugged. "It just wasn't something my parents taught me."

"We'll teach you if you want?" Louis smiled, "What could go wrong?"

"I could drown... again." I pointed out.

"We wouldn't let that happen babe." Liam smiled.

"Thanks guys, I'll think about it."

Conversation flowed easily as we waited for Harry to come back with my food. I wished he would hurry up. I NEED MY FOOD. Wait... now I sound like I haven't eaten in like a month. FOOOOOOOOOD! Now I just sound creepy. And now I am talking about  how strange I am in my head. Yeah... I have definitely lost it. If I ever had anything to lose. 

"What are you thinking about?" Luke asked, looking over as everyone spoke to one another.

"How weird I am." I replied honestly. Luke's eyebrows furrowed in confusion but I didn't say anything else because I spotted Harry walking out the back door with my food.

"FOOOOOOD!" I yelled, jumping up from the sunbed and running over to him. Harry's eyes widened and he had just enough time to put the food on the floor before I launched myself at him, resulting in us both falling to the ground, me on top of Harry. Hey, at least I had a soft landing. 

Everyone was laughing at us as I kissed Harry before jumping off him and grabbing my food. Food comes first. Poor Hazza.


Once I'd eaten my food, me and Lexi decided to go home. One Direction had a concert tonight, so me and Lexi were going to go. It started in 3 hours, so we were going to leave now, get ready then head there before the fans got there. 

"I WANT A DR PEPPER!" I suddenly screamed, as we reached a shop about 5 minutes from our home. 

"SAME! AND WE NEED MORE MARSHMALLOWS!" Lexi yelled back, "WAIT HERE! I'm going to the shop and I'll buy us Dr Pepper's and marshmallows! You never know when we'll need them!" 

I sat down on a bench over the road as I waited for Lexi, so I decided to text everyone.


To: Lukeeeeey! :), Mikey Is Awesome, ASS-TON (A/N: NO HATE! I love Ashton!) , CalCal, WEXI BEAR, Jakey!, Lou-Lou, Curly <3, Vain Zayn, Nialleeeer, Leeee-yum!

Heeeeey you guys! Not sure why I'm texting Lexi when she's only over the road but hey ho! Just wanted to say that you're ALL strange. ;) ASHTON! I SLIGHTLY CHANGED YOUR NAME TO 'ASS-TON'. Hope ya like ya new name ;) Love ya Curly!<3 See you all tonight! 



Giggling, I pressed send and put my phone back in my pocket. I looked around and felt my phone buzz a few minutes later so I quickly my phone back out and was just about to open the message when someone pressed their hand over my mouth. HOLY CRAP SOMEONE'S TRYING TO FEED MY MARSHMALLOWS! I bit the person's hand and they pulled it away and cursed. I jumped off the bench and my eye's widened as I saw who I was facing. I took a step back and tried to dodge him but he was too quick for me. 

I wasn't even sure what happened next; all I know was that I was falling to the ground.


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