Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


21. The Talk

(A/N: Sorry for the time skip guys! I'm just losing interest so I thought I better end this before I get sick of it completely. It was never supposed to go on this long, so I apologize if some of you don't like it!)

I'd been released from hospital three weeks ago with bruises everywhere and one broken rib. I had been told to take it easy and everyone had taken it upon themselves to make sure I don't lift a finger. Harry hasn't left my side once. He even carries me to the toilet! TO. THE. TOILET! But hey, why should I complain! I'm injured after all.

I also knew I needed to talk to Luke about what Harry said but I had no idea how to start. I knew I would have to let him down, I love Harry, I really do. I just hate letting people down. 

"Harrrrry!" I giggled as he started messing my hair up. I look like the grudge now! Not a good look.

"Whaaat?" He pouted and I smiled before poking his dimples. Don't judge. DIMPLES! WHO CAN RESIST POKING THE DIMPLES!? 

"Stop it!" I tried to move his hand but it wouldn't work. Stupid Harry and his strength. If only my marshmallows weren't in my bag in my room. Damn it.

"Kiss me then."

"Only because you asked." I grinned before leaning up and pressing my lips to his, smiling as I felt the familiar butterflies.

"Oh... shit... sorry." I heard someone say and we pulled apart to see Luke. My smile faded as I looked at him. He looked awful. His eyes were dull and there were dark circles underneath which told me he hasn't been sleeping lately. His nose was red and puffy and I could see the tear stains on his cheeks. Holy unicorns, what have I done? Maybe ignoring him wasn't the right thing to do. Crap.

"No Luke wait." I spoke, just as he was about to leave the room. "We need to talk."

"About what?" Luke asked, but I ignored him and turned to Harry who looked confused.

"Can you give us a minute please?" He nodded, kissing my forehead sweetly before going into the game room where everyone else was.

"Sit." I pointed to the sofa and smiled as he obeyed. Just like a dog.

"What do we need to talk about?"

"I know you love me." Smooth Rose, couldn't have put it any better. God I am so stupid sometimes.

"W-what?" He stuttered, his eyes wide.

I sighed, "Harry told me. Luke, I'm not mad but you need to know that I love Harry. Nothing is going to change that."

He sighed and looked down. "I know that."

"I'm sorry." I whispered, tears building up in my eyes.

"Rose you've got nothing to be sorry for. It's my fault for letting my feelings get in the way."

"I'm sorry." I repeated, making Luke sigh again before he moved and sat next to me. He wiped away the tears that had fallen my face before he asked me something I never expected. He wanted me to kiss him.

"Luke... Harry." I pointed out.

"Just one. Just for my peace of mind." He whispered and I nodded like the stupid person I am. His lips touched mine for a few seconds before we pulled away and Luke looked down.

"Did you feel anything?" He asked me and I bit my lip before I shook my head.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I didn't feel anything either... it was kinda awkward... like kissing my sister."

"Incest." I couldn't help but say and we both started laughing.

"So are we okay?" Luke asked, biting his lip, "We still friends?"

I grinned hugely, "The best."


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