Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


3. Scarred For Life

I pushed back the first door with a huge smile on my face, which quickly turned into a frown once I realized  that it was an empty bedroom. I left the door open and opened the one next to it. Again, there was nothing.

"Ha! One door left...they cannot escape from me!" I muttered before swinging the last door open. My eyes quickly took in the sight before me and I screamed loudly. I backed away as I screamed. 

"ROSE! CALM DOWN OR I'LL SHOVE MARSHMALLOWS IN YOUR FACE!" Lexi suddenly shouted as she jumped off of Niall who was shirtless. It didn't take a genius to figure what they were about to do.

I only screamed louder at the thought of marshmallows touching my face, so I turned around and ran back down the stairs, screaming all the way down. I was definitely going to get a sore throat from this but what the hell! MY INNOCENCE!

"What's wrong?!" The boys downstairs panicked as they saw me run towards them screaming my head off. If the situation wasn't so bad then I would have laughed at their expressions. 

"When did you get here?" I asked, looking at Zayn and Liam who were wide eyed. 

"Just now. Why were you screaming?" Liam replied, looking concerned. Oh, he should be!

"MY INNOCENT LITTLE EYES HAVE JUST BEEN SCARRED FOREVER!" I shouted, throwing my arms up into the air as I spoke. 

"What?" They all asked, but before I could reply, Lexi and Niall came running down the stairs and I squealed before running and hiding behind Harry.

"Ahhh....she walked in on them both." Louis smirked, laughing slightly. I shot a quick glare in his direction and he shrank back in fear. He should be scared, I thought. Wait till I get my revenge on him. Mwuahaha, I spoke in my head.

"We didn't go that far!" Niall complained, 

"YOU WERE ABOUT TO!" I shouted again, using Harry as a shield. I heard him chuckling and I frowned. 

"Don't laugh at me!" I spoke, spanking him once. "Bad horsey!"

"ROSE! WE NEED TO GO!" Lexi suddenly screamed, making us all jump. 

"Why?" I asked, peeking my head around Harry. 

"We need to model those dresses for my mum!" She spoke again.

"Ohhh...." I nodded as I remembered our plans. Since today was Valentine's day, me and Lexi had been dragged into modelling some dresses for her mum because she's makes fancy dresses for different sorts of parties. She's quite rich too! I didn't know why we had to model them since I thought they had model people to do that. OH WELL! FREE DRESSES! Oh yeah...didn't I say? We get to keep the dresses as they are only the first drafty type ones. WOO HOO!

"LET'S GO!" I yelled,

"Bye boys!" Lexi screamed, hugging Niall and kissing his lips quickly. Harry turned to face me and quickly hugged and kissed me like Lexi did to Niall and when he pulled away, we were both smiling. Then all of a sudden, I was being dragged into a hug by Louis, then Liam, then Zayn and then Niall. 

"I'M FREE!" I yelled as Niall released me. They all laughed at me and I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest. 


"Okay, okay." Zayn laughed, 

"Good!" I smiled, "Or I would have sent the unicorns after you!"

I burst into laughter as that thought crossed my mind. One Direction being chased around their home by unicorns.....funny right?! HELL YEAH!

"Let's goooooo!" Lexi said, grabbing my arm and dragging me out the house with her. 

"SAAAAAAVE MEEEEEE!" I yelled just as the front door closed. 

No one was coming to my rescue, I thought sadly. Poor little me..


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