Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


10. McDonald's Run In

We walked back over to everyone holding hands and a big smile on both of our faces. I still couldn't get over the fact Harry wanted me as much as I wanted him.  

"Are you guys finally a couple then?!" Lexi smiled as me and Harry sat down with the others.

"I dunno." I shrugged, looking at Harry who's smile disappeared at my words, "He hasn't asked me yet."

Harry looked relieved before turning to face me, "Well, I supposed I should ask then."

"Maybe." I nodded, trying not to fangirl. Don't judge! Harry Styles was about to ask me out, you can't blame me.

"Will you please be my girlfriend?" He asked, staring into my eyes. 

"I WILL!" I screamed, launching myself at him and kissing all over his face. Everyone was laughing, me included as I attacked him. 

"Do you wanna play football now?" Luke asked as I finally sat up on Harry's lap. His arms immediately wrapped around my waist as I leaned into him. 

"I'm hungry though." I whined. 

"Let's go to McDonalds!" Michael cheered, standing up and running off before we could speak. Guess we're going to McDonald's then. 

"COME ON YOU PEASANTS!" I screamed before running off after Michael, waving my arms around above my head. 

I heard the footsteps of the other running behind me as I finally caught up to Michael and grabbed his arm before he could run off again.

"You're way to fast!" I spoke, leaning on him as we walked down the street.

"AM NOT! You're just too slow!" He laughed, poking my stomach. 

"TAKE THAT BACK!" I screamed, making him jump about a foot in the air. 

"NEVER!" He yelled back, just as loud.

"Prepare to die." I spoke seriously, before jumping on his back and spanking his butt. "YOU'RE THE DEVIL'S SON AND YOU SHALL DIE!" 

 Okay, so my attack didn't really work as Michael was laughing too much. 

"I'M THE DEVIL'S SON AND YOU SHALL BOW DOWN TO ME!" Michael yelled before running down the street again, with me clinging to his back. I screamed in surprise as he turned around the corner, causing me to almost fall off. Lucky bastard. I would have killed him if he dropped me. Never underestimate me. I may be small but I can be evil. Sometimes.. All the time. Everyday. What difference does it make? 

"WE'RE HERE!" Michael screamed as we burst through the doors to McDonalds, laughing when people looked over and glared at us.

I jumped off Michael's back just in time for the others to come crashing in. They were all panting.

" could....have....waited!" Ashton panted, leaning against the wall.

I looked at Michael with a smirk before looking back at our friends. "Naaaaaah!"

"I NEED A WEE WEE!" I yelled suddenly, kissing Harry before running to the toilets after telling Lexi to order my usual. 

"WEEEEEEE!" I yelled, running up the stairs and to the toilets. 

After I had finished my wee and what a great wee it was, I walked out of the toilets, making sure I was dressed properly. I had made the mistake once of not checking if I looked okay and half an hour later I had realized that I had been walking around with toilet paper stuck to my shoe AND my fly undone. I'm so weird, I told myself. 

"Rose." I voice spoke and I turned my head and stopped at the top of the stairs, staring in shock at the figure in front of me. He walked up the stairs and grabbed my arm lightly, taking me to a table that was at the back. Yeah, this McDonald's was awesome, it had two floors. (A/N: Not sure if the McDonald's in London has two floors but the one where I live does...) I sat down opposite him and waited for him to speak, crossing my arms over my chest. Glaring at him, I waited for two minutes before he finally spoke.

"I miss you." 

"Fuck off!" I spat, "Don't you dare say that to me."

"It's the truth."

"You miss me? You expect me to believe that?" 

"No, but it's the truth." He smiled,

"Do you miss me or do you miss beating the crap out of me?" I glared,

He smirked, "Both."

I stood up at his words. I wasn't going to let him scare me anymore. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. 

"Leave me alone." 

He stood up and looked around. That was when I realized something; there was no one else up here. Only me and him. Crap. Double crap with an extra portion of crap on top. That's how screwed I was. 

"You should know by now that I do not stop until I get what I want." He spoke, evil shining in his eyes. Was that even possible? Not the time, Rose. I told myself.

"Leave me alone or I will go to the police."

I left him stood there before he could say anything else. 


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