Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


4. Free Dresses

"'OW!" I yelped when a woman barged past me carrying an armful of coat hangers, one of them catching me in the shoulder. Stupid woman, I thought to myself. Wait till I throw marshmallows at her! Then she'll learn. I smirked at my plan before following Lexi into the huge room where the stage was. People were rushing around the room and I noticed that on the stage there was about 10 dresses. I guess me and Lexi would be trying them on. This was going to take a while but hey! At least we get to keep the ones we like! 

"There you are girls!" Lexi's mum, Anna, spoke, "Come over here and we'll get started."

Walking over, we used the side steps to get on the stage and the second we were in front of Anna, 2 dresses were passed to us. I just managed to hold onto the one I would be trying on for her as I didn't expect her to throw it at me.

We quickly ran backstage and into one of the dressing rooms. We didn't feel the need to take up two so we just shared. Plus, we'd been friends friends in forever so this wouldn't be the first time we'd been half naked in front of each other.

"You're scar looks better." Lexi smiled as she threw her clothes into one corner before picking the dress of the hanger. Hers was a green dress that was longer at the back than it was at the front and it had a pattern at the top of the dress. I loved that dress. 

"I know." I smiled before looking down at the scar on my stomach. I shuddered as I thought about it but decided not to swell on it any further. It was in the past. 

"I like your dress." Lexi told me as I stepped into my dress and zipped it up. It was baby blue at the top and black at the bottom and it was gorgeous! I was definitely keeping this one. 

"HURRY UP GIRLS!" Anna shouted so we quickly ran back out onto the stage and I can proudly say that I didn't trip over! Not once! New record! Oh yeah. Go me!

"You girls look beautiful." Anna smiled as she told us to do a quick spin. "Now stay there and we'll get the measurements down."

We had already had our measurements written down by Anna's assistant, Kalina, the first time we came here to help. They only needed them to match with the measurements off the models. I wasn't sure why the models didn't try them on because they would be wearing them. 

"Perfect." Anna said half an hour later. "Next dress, please."

2 and a half hours later, it was 7pm and thankfully, we were done. We quickly got dressed again before walking out with the dresses we were keeping in our arms. I was taking only 4 because the last one was awful. It was bright orange! Who wears orange dresses! YUK! (No hate to anyone who wears orange ones..) Lexi was taking all 5 of hers but they did look great on her. 

On the way out of the building, I saw the woman who had barged into me with coat hangers, so I chuckled to myself before throwing the dresses into Lexi's arms, who just managed to catch them before they fell to the floor. I grabbed the marshmallows out of Lexi's back and ran over to the woman who was just about to get into her car. Stupid woman won't know what hit her.

Grabbing a handful of marshmallows, I stopped in front of her and smiled evilly. The woman's eyes widened but before she could say anything I screamed. 

"HAVE SOME MARSHMALLOWS BITCH!" I screamed before throwing them at her face. I started laughing hysterically and I could hear Lexi laughing as well. 

More marshmallows were thrown at her and I turned my head in confusion. I laughed even harder when I saw Lexi next to me throwing the last of the marshmallows at her. The woman pushed us away and closed the car door but not before we could see a tear falling down her face. We laughed and laughed and laughed as the woman pulled out and drove away. 

"Oh my god, that was hilarious! The look on her face!" I laughed as I leaned against Rose for support. "Wait...where did you leave the dresses?" 

"On the wall!" Lexi giggled. 

I looked over at the wall outside the building and saw a woman just about to grab all the dresses. I glared at her and asked Lexi if we had an more marshmallows. She said no and almost growled as she saw the woman. Looking at each other once, we smiled before charging down the street, screaming our heads off. We must have looked like lunatics, but what the hell. Our dresses were about to be stolen! We weren't having that. Hell no!

"What's wrong!" The woman asked as she stepped away from the wall.

"Someone's after us! They said they like taking woman and oh god...we need to get out of here!" Lexi yelled. 

"Oh my.. quick get out of here! I will go too!" The woman panicked and I could see the fear in her eyes. "Run girls!"

We did. We grabbed our dresses off the wall and just before we disappeared, we looked at the woman and I smirked. 

"There's no one after us. That's just what you get for trying to take these." I spoke evilly. 

The woman just looked confused but we didn't say anything else. We ran all the way back to our flat which was on the 2nd floor. 

"Well, that was an interesting Valentine's Day." I spoke, looking at Lexi as we plopped on the couch.

"I know right."

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