Strange Love

Who knew that an encounter in a supermarket would result in this? Not Rose, that's for sure.


2. Braving Into The Unknown

Since the kiss with Harry, it was all I could think about and I wasn't sure why. I'd ask Lexi but she was too busy flirting with Niall so I couldn't. Yet. Smirking when I saw Niall blushing, I stood up and pointed at them.

"NIALL AND LEXI SITTING IN A TREE!" I started singing, jumping up and down on the spot and pointing at my now blushing friend and her soon to be boyfriend. Well, if I had anything to do with it, then they'd be together. Eventually. I'd have to plan this properly. Maybe I could get the other boys in on it. If they still wanted to see us. Heck, even if they didn't want to see us again, me and Lexi would make it our life mission to get them to befriend us. So really, they had no choice in the matter. Aren't we awesome?

"DOING WHAT THEY SHOULDN'T BE!" Louis screamed, singing along as he ruffled Niall's hair. 

Soon enough,  Liam, Zayn and Harry had started joining in our manic dance and sing-song that we didn't even notice when Lexi and Niall snuck off. 

"WAIT A MINUTE!" I screamed, waving my arms around wildy, "WE SEEM TO BE MISSING PEOPLE!"

They all looked around in confusion and I face palmed. How stupid could they get!

"Niall and Lexi!" I pointed it out for them, biting my lip to stop the laughter. 

"Where did they go?" Liam asked, getting ready to pull his phone out. 

"I KNOW!" I jumped on the sofa before pointing at Liam and Zayn, who looked confused. "You two will check the nearest food place!" They smiled at the realization before walking towards the front door and disappearing out of sight. Like the magical humans they are, I thought. 

"Harry and Louis, you will check the downstairs area." 

"What about you?" Louis asked, pulling a tired looking Harry off the floor.

"I am going to be going somewhere potentially dangerous." I bit my lip as I thought about what would await me. This was some scary crap okay! Don't judge! If you do, I will find out where you live and force feed you marshmallows because we all know marshmallows are eaten by unicorns and unicorns are the devil's spawn! 

"Stupid damn marshmallows..." I muttered, unaware of the strange looks I received from Curly and Sailor. Yeah, my brain had decided to give them's just that god damn cool. 

"What?" Louis asked and I looked up, smiling innocently. 

Louis' eyes widened and he stepped backward, moving behind Harry. "Mate, she looks creepy like that.!

"OFF YOU GO! WE HAVE A MISSION!" I shouted suddenly, jumping off the couch and pushing them into action.

"Wait.. you haven't told us where you're going yet?" Harry spoke, stopping in the doorway to the kitchen. "Where are you going that's so dangerous?"

I almost burst out laughing because he looked so scared. Well, he should be. I had no idea what I was going to find when I reached my destination. 

"Upstairs." I spoke, my eyes widening before I ran full speed up the stairs, almost falling half way up. My ninja skilled prevented any permanent damage though. Thank god. 

Now, I thought to myself. I must be brave. I must be brave. I must be brave. I smiled hugely, pushing open the first door.

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